After being captured by the Order Falen awakens looking for the others sensing there presence she searches for them by a girl who looks almost identical to Falen what happens when Falen awakens in her home town without her powers or her Blood Wolf mark is she human was it all a dream what happens when a mysterious voice summons Falen to the secrete room in the Blood Wolf Hunting School what will happen Felix has vanished and the thirst is rising will Falen be able to resist the temptation or will she snap can the blood lust be controlled or will the beast reveal its self again? The shadows are back and a young woman with dark red hair watches from a distance with Felix gone how will the Blood Wolf handle the thirst in BLOOD LUST



“you’re not the only one I liked it two but now were stuck with each other” Felix stared “wait you were there that facility and you’re the one who took Falen!” Hope smirked as she played with her hair “did i…oh your right I did take her cause I was ordered too?” she leaned against the wall like a brat who knew she had something wrong but didn’t care Felix snarled “you also destroyed the cloning zone hundreds of lives you destroyed!” Hope looked up “I didn’t like there were so many of her and Clones aren’t real there artificial they don’t think they don’t feel there just empty shells for the Order to control Hehe you see im rather selfish I only like when there’s one and that one is me im the original she’s just a copy” ‘how dare she “are you calling me a clone how dare you I have a life I have memories feelings you’re a heartless creature you’re the clone you were created I was born you were made!” Alyaim sighed “enough you two neither of you are Clones if you were you would have barcodes on the back of your neck also you would have wolf ears no matter what they do to the clones they can’t get rid of the ears and before you ask I have seen them when I was conscious but she was still in control!” Hope snarled but backed down “hmm ok then but the thing with you and Havoc that why I originally came up here you got that phone call then acted all weird” Alyaim laid down on her bed “that was her Falen lets just call her hmm Ali ok so one of the triggers that activates Ali is hearing her Masters voice I don’t know who he is I’ve never seen the guy but whenever he calls Ali takes over and the thing with Havoc it’s the same thing his scent wakes Ali up I don’t know why im just as confused as you are Falen” {do you believe her Falen?} ‘She’s given me no reason not to but I’ll keep my distance just to be safe’ “ok you’re on our side Ali isn’t got it hmm we will figure out a way to tell when Ali takes over a sign anything really hmm ok this has been an eventful day I found out that my Godmother has a split personality whose evil and that I have a long lost identical twin sister wait I’m older right?” Alyaim nodded “yes you’re the elder twin” I poked my tongue out at Hope she turned around “humph I still think you’re a copy!” Alyaim glared “Hope!” she looked away “Sorry” she closed her eyes “augh if this is what Scarlet went through with the boys wow” I stared “boys what boys” she looked up at me “you don’t know?” I thought for a minute but nothing came up “know what?” she closed her eyes again “never mind another story for another day I can’t tell you so don’t ask ok just don’t worry about it now go on get to class your already late” I looked down at my watch “ahh we are late!” I ran out the door then stopped “you coming Felix?!” he stared “ah right let’s go!” Reece yawned “pass hmm you really do look just like her the long hair and everything” I watched as Reece left ‘Scarlet I wish you could see this your two little girls together again’ Hope picked up a piece of glass “Hope what are you…?” she sliced off her hair above her shoulders “haha like a child you lopped of your beautiful hair and look at it it’s all messy I can’t send you to your first night of classes with such messy hair come here let me fix it?” she walked over to a chair and sat down her hair was cut un even and bits spiked out it was a mess “hmm your such a brat” she looked at the ground “I didn’t want to look like her” I sighed cutting more hair trying to fix it “I know but you could of asked me instead of chopping off your beautiful hair” she shrugged her shoulders “ I don’t care it’s just hair it will grow back” ‘hmm cold distant growing up being experimented on is a horrible child hood I know that for a fact “there you go all beautiful” she looked away “your only saying that cause I look like her” I dropped the scissors and sat beside her “no I don’t see Falen I see Hope” she smiled “really ah well I better get to class it’s my first day I’ll see you later and I’ll try to stay out of trouble by Alyaim!” she ran out the door and down the stairs like excited child “hmm augh” I dropped to the ground “no not again you’re not hurting them im still in control” my eyes turned a bright purple as my hand slowly morphed into a talon like clawed hand it shifted back to normal as the pain quieted “cough he’s close I can sense it the girls there not ready not for him I have to keep them safe I have too” I slammed the door shut and walked off “phew we made it man that was close haha” Felix laughed as he sat in his seat “yeah it was pretty close” Miss Ater walked into the room “take your seats!” I went to sit but bumped into a girl young girl she looked a little older than me she had pale white skin and crimson red hair that was tied in a bun her eyes were a dark green with a hint of red she stepped back “oh im sorry I didn’t see you there Miss Omen” she quickly walked back to her seat “hmm?” Felix looked up “hey what’s up?” I looked over at the girl she hid her face in a book “I just bumped into that weird red haired girl that always sits in the back row and never says anything” Felix looked over at her “you mean Alice yeah she’s quiet I think that’s her name she’s always reading that Alice in wonderland book?” ‘Hmm wait Alice in wonderland “I love Alice in wonderland it’s my favorite book my mum would read it to me every night…I can’t believe I remember that I must finally be getting my memories back?” I walked over to Alice “he again im kind of wondering is that an original Alice in wonderland?” she looked up “ah yes I’ve had it since I can remember” she looked away again as if she was scared of me “ah im Falen nice to meet you” she stared at my hand “im Alice” ‘hmm so it is her name “so your name is Alice cool hmm you don’t talk much do you?” she shook her head “not really” I looked around her desk there were sticky notes and photos under pages of paper “hey cool camera hmm are you in a photography club?” she shook her head again “no personal projects” I smiled “ well if you need a friend let me know ok bye Alice” I walked back to my seat “Felix smiled Miss Ater ripped her nails across the chalk board we all cringed at the sound “that’s better now that I have your attention class we have a new student Hope Order!” Hope stepped forward wearing my matching blood red and black uniform her hair was cut above her shoulders ‘are you kidding me she’s In my classes too I can’t get away a bunch of students gawked and stared a few guys mumbled she’s hot and some girls looked away in jealous disgust “hey she looks just like a Falen?” Dane shouted Hope glared at him with a smirk she snapped her neck and arms “let me answer your questions yes I look like her no I am not a clone im her identical twin yes I am a Blood wolf no I am not the same as her yes I will be attending this class yes I do have Blood Wolf powers and yes I will not hesitate to slice you apart if you say I look like her again any other questions!?” Dane smirked “yeah I get two why do you look like Falen and why is your last name Order?” Hope smirked as she appeared next to Dane blood spat out of his shoulder as him arm fell off he screamed in pain as he dropped to the ground in a puddle of his own blood Hope laughed licking the blood of her claws “I did warn you but I’ll answer your question I am Falen’s identical twin I survived even though she tried to kill me as infants and I wasn’t raised as a Mortem I was raised an Order there for I am an Order and you might want to call a medic I severed his veins haha!” I sat up “that’s bull I didn’t try to murder you all I did was…” she grinned “Eat me before I was even born!” ‘She’s really starting to annoy me “hey I couldn’t help it if I had control I wouldn’t off eaten you!” Miss Ater laughed “haha settle down and Miss Mortem sit down now!” Hope giggled as she sat down in Danes now blood stained seat “sit down little doggy haha hmm I like this spot I’ll take since you won’t need it” I snarled “how dare you call me a dog you bitch I’ll rip your head of right here right now bring it!” I shifted my hands into claws my blood was boiling It was the rosary ring I could feel it denying my true powers to surface it hurt like a burning sensation Felix grabbed my arm “Falen your making a scene!” I snarled “she’s asking for it!” Miss Ater appeared neck to me and grabbed my throat slamming me into my chair “sit down!” I stared wanting to claw her face off Felix stared shaking his head I closed my eyes reverting my paws back to hands Hope smirked watching me Dane snarled getting up “you bitch I’ll kill you that!!” I was about to get up when his legs pissed out blood and fell off tumbling him to the ground screaming in pain again Hope giggled “I don’t like being called a bitch and I did warn so out you go!” she grabbed Dane by the throat and threw him out of the class room he flew smashing into the medical wing “hmm you might want to take his body parts he needs them she yawned sitting her feet on her desk “anyone else get any questions I have plenty more speed slices?” the other students just stared some were impressed others were scared one male with dark brown hair smiled “I like your hair” Hope stares at the boy she smiled “why thank you I recently got it cut what’s your name?” the boy got up avoiding the blood now covering half the class room and most of Hope “my name is Anthony Jackson but my friends call me Tony” ‘hmm got to hand it to this guy he’s got balls to just talk to hope like their friends’ {your sister is quite gruesome hmm I see she is the bloodier Blood Wolf haha} Hope smiled “nice to meet you Tony you get to live the rest of you I haven’t decided yet haha so teach we going to start this class or do I still need to finish my introduction?” I blocked out Hope focusing on the snarls ,tearing of flesh the scent of blood and whelps of pain coming from the woods I could hear them the wolves my pack it sounded like they were fighting the sounds and scents caused my claws to appear a slight tugging pain came from my ears I looked up and touched them I felt soft furry wolf ears ‘ahh I grew wolf ears?’ a itching feeling come from my spine as a long bushy brown and red tail grew out from under my skirt it was the exact same color as my hair same with my tail they both moved around picking up the noises ‘what is going on out there?’ I felt my tail being tugged I turned around seeing Miss Ater she was visiously glaring at me while holding my tail “ah miss could you let go my tail is sensitive” ‘ahhh she ripped me to the ground her vampire strength felt she would tears my spine out “oww!” Felix stood up “Miss please stop that’s really painful she can’t help it if they grow out she isn’t trained yet please let her go” ‘trained what am I puppy im not trained I’ll show you trained!’ my tail wrapped around Miss Ater’s arms and threw her across the room “next time let go!” she looked up “miss Mortem  that kind of behavior earns you the purity!” all the students including Felix looked up In fear “Miss no that’s too extreme please reconsider!?” Hope stared she raised her hand “Miss what is the purity?” Miss Ater smirked as she pulled out a metal circle it looked like a candy “you’re about to find out Miss Mortem open your mouth or don’t either way you’re getting your punishment!” ‘I can’t fight back again I have to take this’ I opened my mouth she placed the small metal pill on my tongue it burned like a hot pepper “now close and swallow” I did as she asked I swallowed the pill it scrapped down my throat and burned my stomach Miss Ater grabbed my arms attaching chains to them “haha just in case you think about changing now take your punishment!”  ‘Ahh the burning feeling was getting stronger it was like fire was filling my stomach it hurt I wanted to scream but I couldn’t all I could do was writhe with agony Miss Ater watched me waiting for me to scream blood filled my throat I couldn’t hold it back any longer the I screamed begging for it to stop my words become mixed with blood I could feel it my blood being thrown up I couldn’t control it my body was rejecting my blood it hurt so much “Please augh cough stop!!!” Felix ran over to me Hope watched she appeared next to me “hmm your scent is so strong all you can eat haha!” Felix snarled “you lay one fang on her I’ll rip them out!!” he looked at me as thinking trust me I felt his hand plunge down my throat I wanted to throw up I could feel him in my stomach ‘please stop this feels so augh wrong Halima help me!?’ {I can’t Falen the Rosary stops me you know this just endure it} his hand pulled out of my mouth he threw the small silver pill into the ground the burning quieted then stopped he looked at me “you ok it should stop hurting now?” I couldn’t speak my throat was burned it felt like cracked class with every word Hope stared she cracked up into a laughing fit “hahahah that actually hurt you wow that’s pathetic!” I got up removing the chains I grabbed my bag and walked past Miss Ater she grabbed my arm “where do you think your going1?” I stared barley able to keep my eyes open I felt so drained I lost too much blood ‘dam it I can barely keep my eyes open I feel so weak…’ I fell to the ground I felt arms catch me “Miss Ater what is going on here why is this student in such a state!?” I weakly looked up the person who caught me was a girl with short chin length bright orange hair she has soft smooth pale skin her eyes glowed a bright crimson she softly smiled her face it reminded me of my mother i felt as if i knew this women she wore a dark red knee length dress and a black jacket “Miss Ater I am here to replace you your actions have displeased the board your fired!” ‘This women her voice it familiar’ she gently laid me down and pulled out a thermos “here drink you will feel better” I drank she was right this blood it filled me removing the pain I sat up “t…thank you” she smiled “you are welcome I am Rose Mortem your new teacher” ‘did she just say Mortem she looks like my mum?’ I got up “I…I have to go to my pack” I ran out the door “she’s a Mortem no I have enough family issues to deal with like my Dad” I ran off heading into the forest I stopped resting on a tree “woe im still drained better take it easy till my next feed” I walked to the Pack I heard snarling I watched as the boys were in the wolf form fighting “oh great there’s a wolf war going on”

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