Waking up next to my brothers best friend

The last thing Jane Summers expected after her brother Issac's party Saturday night was to wake up Sunday morning next to his best friend Calum Hood.


2. chapter 2

I wake up the next morning when I feel someone move toward me. I groan assuming it's Cass. She will stay over when she gets to drunk. I turn to wake her up but see someone else. Sleeping beside me is Calum laying shirtless moving closer to me in his sleep. I feel a weird sensation in my stomach when he wraps his arm around me but I ignore it letting out a scream.

Calum sits up quickly looking around. When his eyes land on me he lets out a scream too. He keeps staring down at my chest and I look down noticing that I wasn't wearing a shirt. I had taken it off last night. I let out another scream wrapping my arms around my chest to cover it. Calum reaches forward placing his hand over my mouth.

"Sshh" He says glancing toward the door.

"What the hell are you doing in my bed Calum" I shout in a whisper.

"Sleeping" He says with a smirk. I glare at him and punch him in his side.

"Owwwwww fine I don't know I guess I wondered in here last night" Calum says searching for his shirt.

"Well get out" I say pulling the blanket around myself.

"Yeah I'm sure Isaac would be thrilled to see his best friend sneaking out of his little sisters room" He says sarcastically. I quickly run back into my bed pulling the covers over me and Calum.

Calum moves slightly closer to me trying to disappear further under the covers. The weird feeling in my stomach came back again when he layer his head against my shoulder.

Isaac comes in looking around his eyes landing on the person under the covers next to me.

"Who's that" Issac asks causing Calum to cringe next to me.

"It's Cass who else" I say my tone a little edgy. He sighs crossing his arms but I think he bought it.

"Okay well I'm going to go to Calum to see if he's home" Issac says walking out of my room.

"See you tonight" I say listening to him head downstairs.

We both sigh in relief before Calum gets up pulling on his shirt. He watches my brother drive away from my window before opening it.

"Thanks" He says moving toward me. I just nod and he kisses my cheek shocking me. I watch as he jumps out my window heading toward his house.

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