Waking up next to my brothers best friend

The last thing Jane Summers expected after her brother Issac's party Saturday night was to wake up Sunday morning next to his best friend Calum Hood.


1. chapter 1

I groan as my brother runs around the kitchen with his best friend Calum setting up up various bottles for the party tonight. Isaac decided our parents leaving today for there second honeymoon was the perfect day to trash the house.

"I'm not helping you clean up tommorow" I tell Isaac matter of factly.

"Don't you have any friends you could be hanging out with instead of bugging the shit out of us?" Calum asks stopping to send me a glare which I return.

I wait until he turns back around and smack at the back of his head. Isaac laughs as I stomp upstairs. Stupid Calum.

I head upstairs texting My best friend Cass, her boyfriend Michael, and our friend Luke telling them about the party my brother and Calum where throwing.

"Hey stop pouting and put on something sexy" Calum says appearing at my door. He gives me a wink and I reach over grabbing a pillow and chucking it at him. He just laughs and runs downstairs. He is so aggravating.

I sigh and shut my door looking for something to wear and trying not to think of the aggravation downstairs talking to my brother. Calum has been best friends with my brother for two years and has always loved to get on my last nerve.

I settle with wearing black skinny jeans and a white crop top with life goes on written across the front in black.

"That's more like it" I hear Calum say as I am about to pull on my shirt. I scream covering my chest.

"Calum!" I scream out pulling on my shirt and slipping on my black converse before running downstairs after him.

I run to the kitchen trying to find Isaac but he's not there.

"He went to the store to get snacks for the party" Calum says from where he's sitting in the living room.

"Of course and he left your ass here to bug the shit out of me" I groan grabbing a soda from the fridge. He laughs moving toward me. I make a run for the stairs but he beats me to it. I try to walk around him but he grabs my soda holding it out of my reach.

"Give it back" I say jumping up and trying to grab it. He just watched in amusement.

"What do I get in return?" He asks suggestively.

I open my mouth to yell at him but think otherwise. I start to lean closer to him taking him by suprise. I lean in until our lips are an inch apart staring up at into his brown eyes. With the look he was giving me I almost wanted to kiss him. Though I wouldn't give him the satisfaction. I move a little closer and watch as his arm lowers out of the corner of my eye. I start to close my eyes and he follows suite. When I'm just centimeters away I open my eyes to see his are still closed and snatch my soda running around him.

He stares after me shocked as I run upstairs.

"Hey" He yells after me pouting as I make my way to my room making sure to lock my door this time.

A while later Cass, Michael, and Luke came over.

"Oh great he's here" Cass says groaning as she spots Calum on the couch.

"Oh great it's here" Calum says back looking at her like she was the most repulsive thing to walk the face of the earth.

They have never gotten along. They have hated each other even before my brother became friends with him and he was just some dick we saw everyday in the hallway at school.

"Watch it Hood" Michael says clenching his fists moving slightly toward Calum. I move quickly between them.

"Or what Clifford" Calum says moving closer to.

"Calum please" I beg him slightly and for once he listens sitting back down on the couch.

Michael grabs Cass's hand and pulls her upstairs to my room. I grab Luke's hand pulling him along with me after them.

"He pisses me off" Michael says as we all enter my room.

"I know you guys piss him off too" I say sitting next to Luke.

"True" Luke says in agreement.

We stay in my room talking and listening to music until we hear people start to arrive downstairs.

"Party!" Michael and Cass yell toget running out my bedroom door. I roll my eyes as I see Michaels green hair and Cass's purple hair as they make their way to the middle of the crowd dancing to the loud music. They truly are perfect for each other.

"Shall we" Luke says motioning to the party.

"Yeah" I giggle shutting my door and heading downstairs after him.

I dance alongside my friends for a while before heading to the kitchen to get a drink.

"Get a room" I say to my brother with a groan as I see him leaning against some girl on the counter slipping his hands under her clothes.

"Good idea" He says pulling her with him and patting my head as he walks by me.

I grab me a soda and head back out into our noisy living room. I lean against the wall smiling at my friends who where dancing together.

"Boo!" Someone screams from behind me and I jump spilling my soda down my shirt. I turn to see Calum laughing his ass off already drunk and leaning against the wall.

I make my way upstairs and to my room pulling off my probably ruined shirt and throw it on my floor. I shut my door locking it and get into bed deciding that I was done partying for today.

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