My life~ on hold

~sequel to niall she's yours~

Andie is now 15 years old, the fun is just beginning. There's romance, pain, heart break, tears, happiness, and of course drama. Follow along with every up and down in andies life.

~this isn't a very good blurb and I kinda don't know where I'm going with this book yet, but I think it's going to be good!~


8. chapter 7: date and a kiss

"Awe, our baby is going on a date" my mom and dad cooed as I walked downstairs.

"Guys, Avery and Sophia are going as well" I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms.

"But your my baby" my dad sniffled, walking to hug me.

"Father, I am 15" I groaned, trying to sway him away.

"Fine, fine" he laughed, backing off as the door bell went off.

"I'll get it" I pushed past them.

"Hello sir" Nico greeted him, sticking his hand out.

"What a gentleman" my dad smiled, shaking his hand before leaning to his ear and whispering something to him.

Nico's face paled and he numbly backed up, grabbing my hand and leading me out to a car opening the door for me and sliding in next to me.

"What did he say to you??" I asked as we both got settled in the car.

"I don't think I should repeat it" he sighed, trailing off.

"It was that bad??" I asked, he just nodded slowly. "He's joking, he's really chill" I laughed a bit.

"He's a bit scary though" he scratched the back of his neck, chucking a bit.

"I hope he didn't scare you off" I muttered, fiddling with my fingers.

"No, of course not" he shook his head, reaching out to grab my hand. "By the way, you look beautiful" he smiles cheekily.

"Thanks" I smiled brightly, looking down at my outfit. "Have you been to this place before??" I turned to him, breaking the silence.

"No, have you??" He asked casually.

"Yeah, I love the food" I accidentally squealed. "Omg, sorry" I covered my mouth quickly, blushing hard.

"Don't worry about it, looks like we're here so lucky for you" he chuckled, helping me out of the car.

"Andi!" Avery yelled, running over to me, dragging Sophia behind her.

"Hi guys, sorry it took so long, you know how my dad gets" I sighed, leading the way inside. I hope that this will go as planned, not my ideal date but I'll take it over nothing.

~after dinner~

"I'm fucking stuffed" Avery groaned as we sat in the car.

"Oh, can we come over?" Sophia asked, waving off Avery.

"Sure, we can hangout" i nodded happily. "Nico, you coming over?" I asked, turning to him. "We can even invite some guys over" I smiled.

"Yeah, that'd be cool" he nodded, barely looking up from his phone. "Can I hold you back and talk for a minute?" He asked as we walked up the walk way, I instantly got nervous.

"What's up?" I asked, walking back to him.

"Well, I was excited for this date but I mean it wasn't even just us, don't get me wrong i had a lot of fun" he paused. "Chica, I like you and I don't want this to end up shitty" he said awkwardly.

"I think I like you too" I trailed off, pausing before I went in for a quick kiss then walked off.

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