My life~ on hold

~sequel to niall she's yours~

Andie is now 15 years old, the fun is just beginning. There's romance, pain, heart break, tears, happiness, and of course drama. Follow along with every up and down in andies life.

~this isn't a very good blurb and I kinda don't know where I'm going with this book yet, but I think it's going to be good!~


4. chapter 3: personal space

"I love you so much" Avery slurred, she got pretty drunk and sophia left us when she started talking to a guy.

"I love you too" I sighed, looking around the house.

"Ladies" I heard Bradley greet us from behind.

"Bradley" I rolled my eyes, turning to him. "And Nico" I smiled at him.

"What's up??" He smiled, showing off his dimple, making me feel like I was going to just burst from his cuteness.

"Taking care of that thing" i rolled my eyes pointing to Avery who was talking to a plant.

"Why doesn't Nico watch her while we dance??" He questioned, dragging me away before I could say no.

"I'm going to go get some fresh air" I said after we danced to a couple songs.

"I'll come with you" he smiled, breathing heavily while he led me to the backyard.

"Avery you cock sucker!" I heated Nico yell, chasing after a laughing Avery.

"Nico, you bitch" she yelled when he tackled her down.

"I should go help them" I muttered awkwardly, starting to walk away.

"Wait" he called after me, pushing me up against the side of the house.

"What are you doing??" I asked nervously, looking around frantically.

"I like you" he whispered, leaning closer to me.

"That's funny, stop" I said louder and firmer, but he just ignored me and kept leaning in. Before I knew it tears were falling slowly down my face as his lips gently brushed mine, tell I felt no one standing there.

"Are you okay??" I heard a voice ask frantically, before I opened them and came face to face with Nico.

"Omg thank you" I cried, hugging him tightly.

"No problem, chica" he smiled.

"Can you help me find my brother??" I hiccuped, trying to wipe my face.

"Of course, let me go get tipsy here" he smiled, running off to get her.

"Andie!" Daniel called shocked when we found him.

"Can we go home" I whined, still pretty upset.

"Of course, I'll go find sophia and go to the car" he said quickly, tossing me the keys before walking off.

"I'll help you with her" Nico chuckled as Avery was falling asleep on the floor.

"Thanks" I giggled at how silly she looked.

"So, want me to come over??" He asked awkwardly as we stood by the car.

"Sure!" I smiled brightly, butterflies erupting in my stomach.

"Sweet, this is going to be fun" he smiled, getting in the car.

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