My life~ on hold

~sequel to niall she's yours~

Andie is now 15 years old, the fun is just beginning. There's romance, pain, heart break, tears, happiness, and of course drama. Follow along with every up and down in andies life.

~this isn't a very good blurb and I kinda don't know where I'm going with this book yet, but I think it's going to be good!~


3. Chapter 2: Messes

"Mum??" I called, walking into the kitchen to see rosa, our housekeeper/nanny. "Where's mum or dad??" I asked her slowly taking a seat on a stool.


"Ah chica! Your Mamá and papá went out" she smiled as is cooked happily.


"Do you know when they will be back??" I questioned sneaking some food from her.


"No, maybe late" she said swatting my hands away.


"Can I go to a friends tonight, I'll probably stay the night" I asked, crossing my fingers under the table.


"Sí, you're staying for dinner though" she smiled, as I cheered and ran downstairs.


"Danny boy" I called as I knocked on his door.


"Rosa said yes to me, you're driving" I smiled, sauntering to my room. "OLIVA DLANEY HORAN" I yelled as I saw my room a complete mess and her standing there with a sweet smile.


"Hi" she smiled waving.


"I can't believe you did this, I'm telling rosa" I glared, stomping upstairs.


"No please" she whined running after me.


"I'm doing it, rosa" I called as I walked into the kitchen.


"She's lying!" Olivia said as I opened my mouth.


"Your the one wearing my clothes and and have your makeup shitily done!" I yelled at her.


"Ay, chica watch your mouth" rosa scolded me quickly.


"Fine, but she's dead" I said slowly walking towards her as she backed up.


"Daddy" she screamed, running into his arms.


"What's going on" his voice boomed, causing me to cringe.


"She messed up my whole room, dad" I whined.


"She's 4, give her a break" he sighed.


"And I'm 15, give me a break" I challenged him.


"Andrea, don't test me" he said tight lipped, taking deep breaths.


"Well my room is a mess" I said sadly.


"Rosa can get to it later" he said smiling apologetically at her.


"Fine, I'm going out after dinner" I smiled forcefully, pushing past.


"Get back here" he called after me.


"What??" I asked turning around quickly.


"Are you going to a party??" He sighed, sending Olivia out of the room.


"Why??" I narrowed my eyes at him.


"I just want to know what my kids are doing" he said after some thought.


"Yeah" I sighed.


"Who's all going??" He questioned sitting down.


"My friends, Danny's going too" I said quietly.


"Are any of your cousins going??" He asked.


"Yeah, the twins are going that's all I know" I went on uncomfortably.


"Okay, come here" he said standing up and sticking his arms out. "You know I love you" he said kissing me on the the forehead.


"Yeah, dad" I said hugging him tighter.


"You can go to the party, be responsible, call me if you need anything or something goes wrong" he sighed.


"Thanks dad!" I cheered.


"Don't tell your mum" he called after me.


"Never ever, lips are sealed" I laughed, almost falling down the stairs.


"Get ready, I want to leave soon" he said from the couch as he played video games.


"Are you even ready" I laughed as I sat beside him.


"Duh" he rolled his eyes.

"Okay, I'll be right back" I said quickly as I got dressed in a red crop top, black and white shorts and silver sparkly converse.

"Let's go, we gotta pick up the twins" he yelled, just as I finished pinning back my bangs.

"Coming, let's go" I said walking out of the house, saying bye to dad on the way out.

"Girls, this is going to be so much fun" Sophia clapped as we stood in from of the house.

"Of course, let's avoid Bradley" I laughed, dragging them into the house.


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