My life~ on hold

~sequel to niall she's yours~

Andie is now 15 years old, the fun is just beginning. There's romance, pain, heart break, tears, happiness, and of course drama. Follow along with every up and down in andies life.

~this isn't a very good blurb and I kinda don't know where I'm going with this book yet, but I think it's going to be good!~


2. chapter 1: New Kid

~Andreas pov~

It's been about 10 years since my mom pasted away, I'm now 15 years old, and let's just say it's been very eventful.

Dad got super sad for awhile, concerts and tours were cancelled and I wouldn't stay with him for days or weeks at a time. Quinn and Daniel started living with us to help him out and take care of me when dad couldn't.

About 9 years ago him and Quinn got married, and they started having kids like no ones business. She totally got pregnant before they got married, none of us say anything about it though. Then our family went from four to six and I think they are still going to have kids, but at least there's never a dull moment!

There's Dad, Mom(Quinn), Daniel 17, Me 16, Gabriel 9, and Olivia 3.

"Andie!" I heard someone yell, waking me up with a startle.

"Holy shit you look bad when you wake up" Daniel laughed, shutting the door.

"Asshole!" I yelled back, stretching.

"Oh and dad says wake up" Daniel says, bursting into my room again.

"Thanks, I could have been naked" I said shocked.

"But your not so it's completely fine!" He smiled, shutting the door slowly.

I rolled my eyes and made my way to the bathroom for a shower. Once I was done I quickly got dressed in a short black dress, a black and white cardigan and hot pink converse. I brushed out my brown hair, and applied some make-up.

"Looking good" I smiled at myself in the mirror making a full turn before heading up to the kitchen.

"Morning" dad smiled at me, flipping pancakes.

"Andie!" Olive squealed, running to me.

"Liv!" I said excitedly, hugging her back tightly.

"Shut up" Gabriel groaned loudly.

"Gabriel!" Mom scolded him quickly.

"Sorry" he muttered, causing Olivia and I to laugh a bit.

"Girls" she said quickly, glaring at us.

"Whoops" we both said, walking in different directions awkwardly.

"Dad, load me up" i demanded, sticking a plate out.

"Sure, fuck manners" he chuckled giving me some pancakes.

"Language dad" I chimed, shovelling food in my mouth.

"Andie, let's go" Daniel said as he walked past the kitchen.

"Bye guys!" I waved, grabbing my backpack and followed Daniel to his car. "You fucker" I yelled as he started backing up as I reached for the door.

"Oh, whoops" he smiled as it got in the car.

"Just drive" i sneered.

"Get out" he said plainly stopping the car.

"No" I groaned. "You come to my game??" I asked quietly.

"Wouldn't miss it" he smiled gently. "What are you even doing today??" He asked confused as he pulled into the school parking lot.

"Today is volleyball and hockey practice maybe" I shrugged trying to keep up with him.

"Cool, see you later" he waved, walking to his locker.

We're both part of the popular kids, so we see each other often even though we're in different grades.

"Andie!" I heard a voice call as I stood at my locker.

"Hey Sophia!" I said happily.

"Did you hear there's a new kid!" She squealed.

"You're telling her without me!?" Avery question loudly from her locker.

"Duh" Sophia said like it was obvious.

"We discussed this" Avery whined, slamming her locker.

"And we also discussed how your the ugly twin" Sophia shrugged.

"You dumbass, we look exactly the same" Avery sighed rolling her eyes.

"I beg to differ" Sophia groaned.

"Guys shut up and someone tell me about this new guy" I said taking a deep breath.

"I heard, he's really bad, like he got kicked out of his old school" Avery whispered.

"I heard he's a nerd and got bullied out of it" Sophia whispered matter-o-factly.

"We I guess we'll find out when we meet him" I smiled, shutting my locker and making my way to homeroom.

"Andie!" I heard a deep voice call after me, I looked around to find Bradley waving me over.

"Uh hey" I smiled awkwardly, he seemed to be really into and I've never exactly been feeling it.

"So you're looking good today" he said looking me up and down.

"Thanks" I said looking around, trying to not make eye contact.

"I'm throwing a party tomorrow, you should come and tell people" he smiled walking away, not before winking at me. I shuddered under his stare, walking straight into someone as I turned around.

"Fuck, what where you're going much" he said in a husky voice, he was really hot, and looked pretty new. "Stop staring" he growled, roughly handing me my books.

"Uh sorry, I'm Andrea, people call me Andie" I smiled, sticking out my hand.

"I'm Nicolás, call me Nico" he said slowly, with his sexy accent.

"Nice to meet you" I smiled as he shook my hand.

"Do you know where 107 is??" He questioned looking at his schedule.

"Yeah, I'm going there now" I smiled as we started walking down the hall. "Do you want to hang out with my friends??" I asked as I stared at the table.

"Uh okay" he said awkwardly as I dragged him over.

"Guys this is Nico, he's the new guy" I smiled, winking at Avery and Sophia.

"Hey guys, sit down so I can take attendance" Mr. Addlen, said loudly as he walked in the class. "And we have a new kid, Nicolás Luciano" he said, pointing to him before he went and sat down at his desk.

"Hey guys, there's a party at Bradley's tomorrow, he said just invite people so you guys going??" I asked getting a bunch of sure's in response. "You coming??" I asked eyeing Nico, causing everyone to stare at him expectingly.

"Uh sure" he said quietly and slowly.

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