Red Lips

Angelica was a normal teenage girl, who lived a normal and basic life... Until one day, when Angelica met a peculiar boy, and her entire life changed. She suddenly had this certain thirst...


2. Chapter Two

The next morning, Angelica woke up early to prepare for her first day. In the bathroom, she stared at her reflection in the mirror. She didn't know why, but she felt there was an importance to it. "Ready to go, Angel?" Richard asked as he stood in the doorway of the bathroom. Angelica looked at her father and nodded, responding quietly, "Ready."
The two climbed into Richard's car, Angelica taking the passenger's seat. Angelica looked at her bedroom window. What was that sound I heard last night? Angelica thought. The car backed out, and Richard began driving Angelica to school.

Angelica stepped out of the car, said goodbye to her father and wished him a good day, then closed the door and began walking towards the school. She felt like a nervous freshman on their first day of school, even though she was a sophomore and had nothing to be nervous or freak out about. Or so she thought...
Angelica walked into the school, only to immediately find her friends waiting for her in the hallway. She smiled and waved to them before joining them, and "joining them" means standing awkwardly by her friends as they conversed about things Angelica didn't even necessarily care about. Yup, you definitely know how to choose your friends, Angie. Angelica thought.

The girls walked around and talked as they searched for their classes. Angelica noted how her classes were fairly close to one another, and smiled contently at that fact. Charlie noticed Angelica smiling and looked ahead to see a pale boy walking towards the group. Charlie grinned at Angelica as the boy passed them. "Guys," Charlie started, "I think Angie's got a crush!" The girls gasped and squealed in excitement. "What are you talking about?" Angelica asked, completely lost and oblivious. "Oh, come on!" Charlie exclaimed, "you were totally checking that guy out! Plus, I saw the cutest smile on your face. It was very adorable." "Huh? Oh! I was smiling because my classes are near each's very convenient." Angelica's friends groaned with frustration. "You're such a buzzkill." Veronica said. Angelica frowned, and grew more silent than usual as she followed her friends around, listening to their pointless conversations.

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