Red Lips

Angelica was a normal teenage girl, who lived a normal and basic life... Until one day, when Angelica met a peculiar boy, and her entire life changed. She suddenly had this certain thirst...


3. Chapter Three

The bell for first period rang, and Angelica and her group of friends all separated to go to their classes. Angelica walked into first period, which was English. Since it was just the beginning of the school year, there were no assigned seats. Anyone could sit anywhere they wanted. Angelica quickly took a seat near the middle of the class, so she wouldn't be too close to the teacher nor too far from the board. She quietly took out her materials as the classroom flooded with laughing and bumbling students. A few said hi to Angelica, in which she responded with a polite wave. Soon enough, the class was practically full, with only one remaining seat next to Angelica. She didn't mind too much that she was alone. She enjoyed the solitude. But her sweet solitude was shattered when the boy in which her friends thought they caught Angelica staring at earlier that morning walked into the classroom and took the empty seat next to Angelica.

Angelica tried not to look at him, but her curiosity urged her to. She would glance at him just barely every now and then. She couldn't help herself. She noticed how new he looked... Angelica began to wonder, Was he here before? Has he gone to this school before? I don't remember seeing him around last year...Wait....Nope, that gorgeous face is not ringing a bell. Angelica stiffened, Did I just call him gorgeous?! "Something wrong?" the teacher asked. Angelica looked up to see the teacher's eyes on her. A few students also shifted to look at her as well. "N-no.." Angelica stuttered in response. The English teacher nodded in concern, then continued talking about what is to be expected in the upcoming year. 

The period dragged on, and the English teacher blabbed on and on about God knows what. Usually Angelica would be paying attention and listening to what the teacher has to say, but for some reason she felt really out of it today. Finally, after what felt like forever, the bell rang for passing period. Everyone jolted up to their feet and quickly headed out of the class. Angelica took her time putting her books into her bag. Once her bag was zipped up and she was about to put it on, Angelica felt someone tap on her shoulder. She turned around to see that peculiar boy again. He stood up straight and stiffly, as if he were a board. He was very pale, almost as fair as snow. The fairness didn't surprise her that much, they were living in Oregon after all. "No," he started, causing Angelica to raise an eyebrow in confusion, "you have not seen me around her before. I'm new." Angelica stared at him in confusion. Did she think out loud earlier? She didn't think so. How did he know?

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