Red Lips

Angelica was a normal teenage girl, who lived a normal and basic life... Until one day, when Angelica met a peculiar boy, and her entire life changed. She suddenly had this certain thirst...


6. Chapter Six

Saturday came around and Angelica was in her room, finishing up with getting ready. When she was done applying her lip gloss, she looked at the time. It was nearly six o' clock. She smiled widely and grabbed her purse. Angelica turned off her light and raced downstairs. Daniel was in the kitchen and heard Angelica's quick footsteps. He walked out of the kitchen to see Angelica at the bottom of stairs, all dressed up and ready to go. "Where are you headed?" Daniel asked suspiciously. Oh no, Angelica thought, he'll freak if he found out I was going out on a date. "I'm having a girl's night out with Tatyana, Veronica, and Charlie." she lied. Daniel nodded suspiciously. "Stay safe." he told her before taking a sip of coffee out of his mug. Angelica smiled innocently to her older brother, "I will, don't worry." With that, Daniel walked upstairs to his bedroom.

Angelica didn't wait long in the living room for James when he knocked on the doorbell. She hurriedly stood up and raced to the door, opening it to reveal James standing, smiling down at her. Angelica blushed softly and walked out to join him, closing the door behind her. "Ready?" James asked. "Ready." Angelica repeated with a nod. James linked his arm with hers and led her to his car. A Portia. His car was a Portia. A slim, slick, shining silver Portia. The moment Angelica sat down in the passenger's seat, she felt like a princess in paradise.

James drove her to the cinema. They both got tickets for the newest romantic movie. Angelica wanted to squeal and jump around because the movie they were going to see was a movie she has been wanting to see for a while. After getting their tickets, Angelica and James stood together in the line for snacks. "What would you like to have?" James asked Angelica. She laughed softly, "I'm sure if I told you what I wanted, you would slip into poverty." James chuckled, "I doubt that. What do you desire, Angelica?" Angelica blushed at hearing him say her name, and hearing the way he said 'desire.' She told him what candies she wanted and how she would like her popcorn. When it was their turn, James ordered their popcorn and candies, and carried it all, making sure Angelica doesn't have to lift a single one of her dainty fingers.

The two walked together through the theater entrance. They took their seats up high in the top row, isolating themselves from the other viewers. This made Angelica felt a little nervous and skeptical about this, but those feelings quickly went away when she sat down next to James and grinned at him. James handed Angelica her candies and held the tub of popcorn between his legs. Soon, the movie started, and James and Angelica giggled softly over how the popcorn was already halfway gone.

The movie ended and James lead Angelica out. "Are you ready to go home yet?" he asked Angelica curiously. Angelica pulled her phone out from her purse and looked at the time. She shook her head, "No, I still have time before my brother freaks out and starts wondering where I am." James smirked at her, "Perfect. I wanted to take you somewhere else really quickly." Angelica smiled goofily, and took James hand that he was offering to her, allowing him to lead her away.

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