Red Lips

Angelica was a normal teenage girl, who lived a normal and basic life... Until one day, when Angelica met a peculiar boy, and her entire life changed. She suddenly had this certain thirst...


5. Chapter Five

After school, Angelica walked with her friends to the front of the school. All day Angelica felt like she was being watched or someone was following her. She quickly goodbye to her friends before getting into her brother's car and closing the door. She sighed heavily as she stared ahead. "What's wrong, Angie?" Daniel asked. "Nothing.." Angelica lied as she put on her seat belt. She knew how her brother is, and could get with how protective he is over her. She didn't want him to freak out, jump out of the car, and start a fight with the boy. Daniel looked at Angelica questioningly, long enough to cause Angelica to look at him and say, "I told you, it's nothing! Can we please go home now?" "Alright..." Daniel replied as he put his car into Drive and began to drive home with Angelica.

The week past and Thursday came around. All week Angelica has been investigating about the boy that likes to stare at her a lot. The least bit she was able to find out about him was that his name was James and that he's sixteen. Other than that, he's incredibly mysterious, which just draws Angelica in more. She's grown dangerously intrigued by James.
At lunch, they talked at the salad bar like they did on the first day. "Are you busy on Saturday?" he asked her. Angelica felt her heart jump and pace faster. She briefly looked down at her chest in confusion before looking up at James and smiling sweetly at him, "No, I don't believe that I am. But if something comes up, I'll let you know." Angelica thought about how stupid her last sentence sounded and mentally smacked herself upside the head. James chuckled softly before replying, "Would you like to watch a movie with me?" "Sure!" Angelica replied enthusiastically. She missed going out to see movies often, so found herself to be very excited by his offer. James grinned like a goof at her, "Wonderful. I'll pick you up at six." He walked off after that. Angelica smiled widely and hurried to her group of friends, where she sat down and ate her lunch very happily.

"Holy crap, you're, like, glowing with happiness! What happened at the salad bar?" Tatyana asked. Angelica giggled softly and took a bite out of her Blood Orange, "I'm seeing a movie with James on Saturday." Angelica's friends all cooed over this news. Angelica blushed softly and continued to eat her lunch with a goofy grin.

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