Are you ready to turn the lights off?


1. Senses


You turned it on,
I turned it off,

My sight darkens,
I felt you move,
Move - slowly - gently -
"Closer", I whispered.

Our bodies touched,
I flinched,
You ran your fingers from my neck
Down to my waist,
Jolt rans through my veins,
Joining my blood.

Your kisses,
Your lips, moving, enveloping me.
It's crazy,
It's driving me crazy,
My blood,
My blood is rushing through my body,
My head is throbbing,
My heart is throbbing,

"More! More! More!"

Your teeth sank on my skin,
My breathing became heavy,
Harsher, coarser, heavier,
It's ecstasy!
My soul,
My soul is moaning,
Rejoicing, Dancing, Swinging,
It's exhilarating!

Our bodies moving,
Enveloping each other.
You grabbed my waist,
Pinned me down,
You bit my ear,
Blew air,
Sending shock waves through my body,
It drives to the edge,
My soul,
My soul is moaning,
Louder than my thoughts.
You move faster, gentler and stronger.

My veins are throbbing,
My heart is exploding,
Our sweat is blending, 
Running through our skin,
We're about to explode,

I pushed back,
Grabbing a part of you,
Ran my fingers through your back,
Leaving marks all over your body.

Our bodies slammed,
Breathing heavily,
I tasted the saltiness of our skin,
Our skin,
Throbbing with excitement,

You move closer,
To my face,
A peck,
A peck on my cheeks,
You move to my lips,
I turned around,
You grabbed my waist,
Moving me closer to your body,
Cocooning me,
Enveloping me with your arms,
I breathe in,
The scent,
The aroma of this night will linger
Linger till the dawn
Of tomorrow.

I tuned it on,
You turned it off,
Falling deeply into slumber.


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