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  • Published: 15 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 15 Oct 2014
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Just how much a soul can endure?


1. Pieces

He lays me down on 

What it felt to be an operating table,
Watching from a distant
The pain seemed endless.

He reached for what looked like a saw,
Cuts me open,
And began dissecting my body;
Little by little,
He removes pieces of me,
Separating organs from my skin,
Dividing my joints that fills-up his sink;

He's breaking me apart,
Shattering my body into pieces,
Pieces which I can no longer put back.

He took the life away from me,
He took away a future that was meant solely for me.

How can I move on 
Even on the other side
If all that's left of me is this?

How can a soul move forward
If it's once home was left broken,
Shattered into pieces?

Tell me.

Because i don't see any light.
The light that will supposedly bring me at peace.

I can't see it.
Help me find it.

I can't suffer any longer,
Take me away from here,
Away from the hands that broke me into pieces,
Away from the shadows that blinded me from the light.

He puts down the saw,
Examining pieces of me,
Admiring his masterpiece.

Watching from a distant,
The pain seemed endless.

Just how much a soul can endure?

Tell me.


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