The Christian Rule book of Friendzone

This here is a book sort of thingy based off of a rule book my male best friend and I are constructing so as to protect our friendship and not, as of yet, dive into the unknown world of dating :) Yes, we like each other (A LOT), but we're using this to guard our friendship and I thought I'd share :)


1. Prologue

Let me talk about how this all came to be because none of what I write will be fiction. Yes, this is a serious story based off of real fact and real life.

Being a teenager, it’s pretty close to impossible not to develop a crush on someone whether they’re real, or in the case of fangirls, fictional. A few months ago I started to develop feelings for a guy in my youth group whom I later found out (*gasp*) liked me back. What are you supposed to do with that sort of information when you:

Can’t date

Don’t want to date


Aren’t ready to date?

Yes, Christians are known as total prudes when it comes to this stuff, but hey, even if I wasn’t one, I’d still have my limits.

Now for an interesting twist, what if that said crush who crushed on you back ALSO had his own limits and wanted a barrier?

Our goal, mine and his, is to stay friends, no matter what happens. We all know that break-ups or whatever can completely destroy someone and destroy that tie that was and that’s why we have invented our own Rulebook. Maybe we will end up dating in the future, but maybe we won’t.

Either way, as long as we stay besties, we’ll be happy.

So this, fellow readers, is our Christian Rule Book of Friendzone!

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