I miss you

This is a Luke hemmings fanfic about a girls life long dream of a music career coming true and she meets and bonds with like and well they fall in love just read it pls!!!!!!!!!!!!! Updating hopefully at least once a week depending if people actually read it!:)


3. the rest of chapter 2

Luke's pov: we took the elevator up to my room and we unlocked the door, all the bus were up and it was about 8:45 now. All the boys said hi to us and we told them what happened. Riley thanked us and went to go shower," hey Ri can I go on your phone?" I say " ya sure lukey I'll be out in a bit!" She says "k"i say " oh so you call her ri now huh?" Ashton says giving me wiggly eyebrows. (Ha ha I didn't know what else to call it but you get what I mean) " umm ya we kinda bonded a lot today" I say blushing a bit. " oh I see Lukeys got a crush!" Ashton says " would u shut up ur so loud! I don't want her to hear! Ya I do like her..... A lot!" I say " awe u guys would be so cute together" calum says " oh my dm god you guys are soo annoying" I say " ya but you love us" they all say "hey Ri you have a YouTube account?" I say " ya I do I use it to post videos of my band" I say " really? Cool you just keep getting hotter and hotter!" I say " ha ha ya I do I've always loved music I learned how to play guitar when I was 11 and I play piano and the drums too, now I'm in a band but I'm the lead singer the others only play instruments, they r cool but they don't really dedicate themselves full bc hey think we are never going to get big but I just love playing so I've started doing songs myself" she says " that's really awesome ri!" I say " thx I love it, hey if you don't mind could u listen to some of our covers and sings it would mean a lot and be honest don't just say you like it bc I think u have to I want the truth!" She says " ya if live to and I could get u some publicity I bet u r great!" I say " thx that would b cool but I don't want u to think I'm using u and I want you to be honest!" She says " i know I will and I know you love me too much to use me" I say " well I'm not going deny that lukey ha ha, I'm almost done I'll be out in a minute listen well I shower pls!" She says " k I will!" I say . W e watch the videos and find our she's REALLY good! " wow she's good so talented we all say! " ya who would have thought she would be so good at punk/pop rock music, well she does I've that music but I'm really impressed!" Michael says .we all agree. We all start tweeting and posting about her music. A bunch of fans follow her and like her videos.

Riley's pov: I got out of the shower and my phone dinged a bunch of times. " omg what did you guys do!" I say "umm nothing" they say slyly " omg you guys posted my music!" I say " maybe" Luke says " I don't believe u lukey I already know when u r lying! I know u did!" I say " pls don't be mad" Luke says. " don't worry I'm not mad I'm happy thanks a lot u guys!" I say. "Welcome!" They say. " you are amazing and already getting popular!" Luke says " omg thx do much!" ( now Kailyn isn't really in it she's still in la but I'm not really going to talk about her) to sum it up: Riley has a bunch if fans now and they ship Ruke. They r still in LA and Riley went back to her room.

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