I miss you

This is a Luke hemmings fanfic about a girls life long dream of a music career coming true and she meets and bonds with like and well they fall in love just read it pls!!!!!!!!!!!!! Updating hopefully at least once a week depending if people actually read it!:)


11. The question

Luke's pov: we got to the airport and parked in front of where our body guards were waiting. We unloaded our stuff and followed the guards. We quickly checked in ourselves and bags and headed to the waiting area. We got special permission to bring Riley past the baggage check. We all sat done and waited. About 20 minutes later our plane arrived. All the boys hugged Riley. " Now who's going to pester me to get up on the rest of the tour!" He says fake pouting. " I've assigned Cal that job, so watch out he will after report back to me" she says " I'm really going to miss you" " I'll miss you too" they say tightly hugging." Bye Ri see you after the tour" ash says. " ok, and promise to FaceTime after your first show so we can talk I'm going to miss our late night FaceTime conversations from across the room" " will do, I will never forget" they say laughing then hugging. " now for

Cal Pal, I'm going to miss your cuddles and making rude jokes with you about Clifford over there." " god I know, now I have to go back to doing it alone. But I'll be sure to call if I need inspiration!" He replies. They hug and say their goodbyes. All three of the boys start getting their tickets scanned. I walk to Riley. " Luke, thank you so much for all if our trips, the amazing gig, and my amazing necklace. I'm so happy I ran into you guys, my life has changed so

Much because of you. I'm really really going to miss you!" She says about to cry. " don't even worry about it. It was my pleasure you're talents should be shared with the world. god I'll miss you." I say engulfing her in the biggest hug ever am realizing she smells like vanilla. " I know we won't see each other for a while but I feel like we have a bond. I've had such a fun time with you lately and I never want it to end. Soooo will you officially be my girlfriend. I mean only I you want to, I mean you can think it over, I won't

See you for a while. Sorry for ask.." I was about to say asking when she interrupts me with a kiss. The.best.kiss. " wow" I say. She bites her lip. " of course I'll be your girlfriend. The boys all whoop and aww. They take the last boarding call. " I've got to go but we can talk about this later over FaceTime" I say kissing her one more time and squeezing her hand. " ok perfect" she says holding back a smile. I walk over to the counter with my we still on her I wave and she waves back. I low a kiss and a wink while turning to walk down the hall.

Riley's pov: I walked away following 2 of their 6 bodyguards. I couldn't get the kiss out of my head. It was electric. I can't believe I'm actually Luke Hemmings' girlfriend. What will it be like to talk to him again after the flight?


Well I guess you'll have to find out tomorrow! Thanks for reading!

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