I miss you

This is a Luke hemmings fanfic about a girls life long dream of a music career coming true and she meets and bonds with like and well they fall in love just read it pls!!!!!!!!!!!!! Updating hopefully at least once a week depending if people actually read it!:)


2. next morning

Luke's pov: I woke up at about 6:30 and I got up and got dressed knowing I have to go to Starbucks and the grocery store bc the night before the boys voted I had to all the shopping. First I will walk over to the nearest grocery store then go to Starbucks and get everyone breakfast. Maybe I should txt Riley and see if she wants to come and is awake I'll do it a bit later. I should drop off some flowers at her room or would she think that was stupid?, oh well I'll decide later. I grab my jacket and head out to the elevator. As I press the button and am about to press the down button someone yells, " hey sorry can u hold the door please" it was Riley! " oh hey Riley what r u doing up so early?" I say " I always wake up pretty early and kailyn is still asleep so I thought I would get done shopping done and get some Starbucks for us" she replies " oh cool I actually do too want to go together?" I say " ya is live to, but how did u get stuck doing the shopping? Ha ha"she says " ok great oh and I lost at a game of Rock Paper Scissors and they kind of make me bc in the youngest though I don't see why that means I should go but whatever!" I say " well I'm glad u lost bc otherwise we wouldn't have been able to go together!"she says " ya true I guess I got lucky now I get to spend the morning with the coolest girl in the world!" I say " awe lukey thx, oh sorry is it ok if I call you that" she says "ya ha ha I like it I'll call u ri, shall we" I say holding out my arm to her as we step into the sidewalk. " we shall" she says smiling and taking my arm.

Riley's pov: I'm glad I ran into Luke I really like him and we will get to know each ogre a bit. The whole way there we talk about our plans for the next 2 weeks here. We get there and run over to the nearest shopping cart and I jump onto it pushing myself forward. Luke jumps on behind me holding my waste and the cart tumbles over and I fall in top of him on the ground I start laughing really hard then look into his eyes god, they r so beautiful! I really like him I think this could work out!

Luke's pov; Riley laid there in top of me her eyes shining while she laughed. I knew this minute I was utterly completely in love with Riley. ( sort of a twilight quote ;) She jumped back up reaching out to help me up we walked in side by side into the store. The whole time we walked through the store teasing each other and having fun. We bought everything we needed and headed our the door and started out to Starbucks.

Riley's pov: " hey Luke I'll just go in and buy a bunch of breakfast sandwiches drinks and cofee cake can u pls wait here with the bags?"I say " ya of course to but I'll pay"Luke says " no way i got it!"I say " no way I'm letting u pay" be says " yes you are I've learned from the best my mom I won't let u give me the money ha ha" I say " oh yes you will he says trying to stuff the money into my wallet. I turn around quickly and run away fast plugging my ears going la la la u aren't paying!" He says " you r so stubborn if it want for all these bags I would be chasing you in there!" " sure you would, you would never get me lukey ha ha" I say he sticks his tongue out at me. I get all the drinks and good and head out I open he door and Luke is there another guy walks into me and knocks the pumpkin spice latte all over me! The guy says "watch where u r going b****" " hey wow wow you don't fudging call her that and u r he one that walked Into her seriously look at her face and shirt god dude" he says about to like start a fight with the guy all defensive. I do have to say he does look cute while doingit. "Luke it's ok he's just a jerk don't give him any attention he'll just get what he wants it's not going to make it better but thx so much for defending me" I say " welcome I'm sorry I yelled and all I just don't want anyone hurting you" he says " awe lukey you r do sweet thx but I think he's one of those people who aren't going to change" I say " ok well we better take u to ur room so you can clean up" he say "I can't shower there right now I'll wake up kailyn but ill just wait outside our room til she wakes up I'll give u guys all the stuff" I say " oh no you can't do that just gone up our room take a shower there and we can hangout and all eat together and u can give her her breakfast later" he says " r u sure?" I say " of course I'd love yo have u" he says with a cheeky smile. " ok thx today would be awesome" I say

( to be continued this chapter tonight bye posting in a bit ;))

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