I miss you

This is a Luke hemmings fanfic about a girls life long dream of a music career coming true and she meets and bonds with like and well they fall in love just read it pls!!!!!!!!!!!!! Updating hopefully at least once a week depending if people actually read it!:)


4. music store

Luke's pov: yesterday after tweeting about Riley's music we stayed in the hotel room an we all watched our favorite movies. I found out that we share a love for popcorn so we made like a million bags! Man that girl can really eat heme it comes to popcorn! All the guys were whining at me because I was going to let her pick all of the movies. " aww Luke I would be honored to pick the movies what a gentlemen" she said after I told her to pick. " so first we will watch wait for it...... (Ha.ha Barney) Top Gun, you guys better love this love because I couldn't live without it!" She said. " I'm hurt that you think there's the slightest chance we wouldn't like it" Ash says in. A hurt voice. " don't be a drama queen I was just making sure 😂" she said. "Ya stop being a drama queen, I tell you this all the dm time!" Says Michael. " y'all are gonna make me cry" whines ash. " done be so hard on him he's sensitive" Cal says fake crying while laughing. " ughh guys can we just start the movie already!!" I exclaim. " let's do it" Riley's says. We all start singing Highway to the dangerzone. Through the night we also watch Say anything, Can't buy me love, Grease, Anchorman, Titanic, How I met your mother and friends episodes, and lastly we watch iron man 2. It's now like 4:30 am and we just finished the last movie a while ago, we pulled an all night movie marathon! Some point during the movie Riley moved closer and her head is on me shoulder and hands on my chest. I admire her for a while then drift off to sleep like everyone else already has.

Riley's pov: I wake up to the sound of Luke lightly snoring. Our legs are all tangled and our hands intertwined. I wonder if I slept like this all night, will Luke mind that I slept on him. I find my phone on the coffee table by the couch we're sleeping in and take it out. I se it's 9:52 we didn't get that much sleep but I'm ok or now .Ash tagged me in a pic of everyone sleeping with the #Goals with a circle around me and luke haha. Luke stirs around a little and groans, he opens his eyes while stretching and says " Hey Ri, how'd you sleep?" " pretty good considering I had you as a pillow" " Ha well I'm glad I could be of service" he chuckles." I'm taking you somewhere today get waged to and ready and we can go get breakfast before we go to a music store." Ooo that sounds exciting" I say. " haha ya it's big and ha satin of cool records and instruments I come here every time we your here" he says. " cool I'll go get dressed" I say. I run across the hall to my room. I put on my light wash ripped skinny jeans and In music we trust shirt with my army/oliveish colored jacked with warm sweater material sleeves and black converse. I head back over to the boys' room after putting in make up and stuff. "You took forever!" Luke says. " I had to fix this disgrace if a face, it takes time" I say laughing. " shutup you always look gorgeous" " aww aren't you a charmer today" "I try " he says and winks. We go to starbucks again for breakfast because that's always what we want. Then we head off to the shop. Luke opens te door for me as he always does and I walk in and my mouth falls open. There are tons of cool posters on the walls and rows of records. " oh my god this reminds me of pretty and pink I've wanted to be in that movie forever!" I say. " I know into it great it has an older vibe to it that I just love" " wow

Thanks for taking me here luke" " of course I knew you'd love it just as much as I do." I look around or a while and find an old pink Floyd album and a newer My Chemical Romance one. Luke is still looking around hem I check out. I loved collecting records since my grandma gave me her old one before she died. " oh my god Dropkick Murphy my grandma was obsessed with them , ugh but it's so expensive oh well, so I'll just take these records please" I say to the guy at the register. I check out and go to stand by luke. " oh sorry I'm almost done, why don't wait outside for me" he says " it's fine I'll just wait" " no it's totally fine just go sit out there and enjoy you're time here I'll be at soon" okay of you're sure" I say walking out.

Luke's pov: I check out like 5 minutes later and walk out to Riley. We decide to go to the park before going to the hotel. We talk about anything and everything for about 45 minutes it's 12 now so we decide to go see if the boys are awake even though I swear they could sleep all day. We walk to the elevator and press the bottom to our floor I dried I better show Riley what I got before we get in the room.

Riley's pov: we sit in the elevator silently for a few second them luke says he got me something. " oh luke you didn't have to do that! I didn't even get you anything!" " yes but I wants I and I get to spend the whole morning with you it's all I need" " aww so sweet" I say while wiping away a fake tear but I really am touched. " you really know how to treat a girl haha" he pulls out a bag from the record store. I open it and start actually crying a little. " oh my god luke that's so sweet but it was so expensive!" I say while pulling the music not charm bracelet and necklace with the green day, nirvana, fleetwood, and Dropkick Murphy guitar picks all around it and swatting his arm. "It wasn't that much and plus I have enough money, you deserve it I heard you talking about it" " thank you so much, none of my boyfriends would ever even do this for me" " well umm I was thinking maybe I could be your boyfriend" he says shyly. " luke id love that ........ A lot" I say kissing him. The door to the elevator

Opens and we walk into the room hand in hand. We tell the boys and they all immediately start teasing us. We spend the day all talking and eating.

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