I miss you

This is a Luke hemmings fanfic about a girls life long dream of a music career coming true and she meets and bonds with like and well they fall in love just read it pls!!!!!!!!!!!!! Updating hopefully at least once a week depending if people actually read it!:)


5. Later

Riley's pov: The guys have been staying at the hotel for about a week and a half and we've all had a ton of laughs together. Now they're packing to set out back on tour. Next they're going back to Australia and finishing up the tour there. Right now I'm sitting in Luke's luggage trying to help him zip it. " Dammit, bruh what do you even have in here?" I yell. " Did you really just call me bruh?" Says Luke. " Mhmm aren't you used to it by now, now answer my question!" " well I bought a few shirts and I have gifts from fans and I may or may not have stolen a bunch of the stuff from the hotel bathroom" " wow such a rebel ha!" " Could you be anymore sarcastic" " no probably not"I say, " can you hurry up I want to go to bed we've been packing all dayyy" ( sorry this is sucky 😂 but I'll write more of this same chapter probably tomorrow💋)

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