I miss you

This is a Luke hemmings fanfic about a girls life long dream of a music career coming true and she meets and bonds with like and well they fall in love just read it pls!!!!!!!!!!!!! Updating hopefully at least once a week depending if people actually read it!:)


10. Airport

Luke's pov: It was 5:45 am when Riley's Fleetwood Mac The chain alarm came on. I swear that girl is so unique, I love her to pieces. Oops I guess I'm fully admitting it now. We both got up and got ready I threw on a Mayday Parade shirt and some grey joggers on since it was going to be a long plane ride. Ri went to the guest bathroom to get ready and put on black tights, light wash shorts, and a Twenty one pilots short. She came into my room and said " Hey Luke take your time, I'm finished so I'll go round up the boys and make sure they're up!" " wow that's the fastest you've ever gotten ready haha I'm impressed" I said. She did a model pose. And said " thanks you should be proud, I made sure we wouldn't be late, okay in gonna get the boys now" she said making a funny face at me before turning to go down the hallway." Ok thanks" I reply. "No prob" she yells back.

Riley's pov: I prance down the hall to find the boys. I find Ash in the bathroom doing is hair. " Good Morning Ri." He says as I walk by. " morning Ash, we're leaving for the airport in 25!" "God what would we do without you, k il be ready"he says. I laugh and walk away. Next I see Calum sitting at the foot if the bed on his phone. "See Cal there's a reason why you're my favorite lately, you're always prepared and listen to me!" "Yep that's me I'm better than the others, and I know not to mess with you when we're on a time crunch." Be then snaps his fingers in a sassy way and laughs. I laugh to and tell him to wish me luck with Michael. Now, don't get me wrong I love Mikey and have so much fun with him but damn that boy know how to bug me sometimes. He's the one that never gets out of bed. As I expected he was laying on his bed sound asleep an snoring. Well at least he packed. I jump on top of him and he screams. " oh lord Jesus I can't believe you just woke me up like that" " you deserve to be smushed. I told you last night to set your alarm for 6." "Well sorry I like my Beauty sleep. I bet you wouldn't ever do that to Luke" he says. " Michael Gordon Clifford SHUT UP!" " just saying" " that's not funny bruh, now get ready!" " ha.ha.ha. Ya it was!" " I don't even care anymore just get ready quickly" "ughh, fine" he says. I walk back to Luke's room to get my purse and keys. It probably seems weird that the boys aren't going to have a driver but we decided I'd take them do I get say bye and everything. " okay everyone meet me at the car when you're ready, I'll warm it up!" I yell from the front door. Calum and Ashton come out with all their bags and load in the car. Calum in the passenger seat and Ash behind me I'm the back. Then Luke comes our carrying his suitcase and fixing his hair. He gets in the middle of the back. About 3 minutes pass and we're still waiting for Mike. I run up to the hotel door to find him just as he is coming out. He looks exhausted and his hair is messy. " Michael you took forever and yet your hair is still a mess." " ya I know I was too lazy to fix it." He says. We all just laugh while walking to the car. We get every thing situated and Michael jumps in on the right of Luke. We then take off for the airport.

Luke's pov: Riley was playing the Bullets in a BiBle album on the way. We had a rushed morning an It just hit me that today we were actually leaving Riley. I had gotten her a gig with All time Low for their world tour and she was so stoked.i was happy for her but sad she couldn't Finish up the tour with us since we already had an opening act. She would only be touring for 3 months then the other opening act would take the other 3months so at least we could hang out after that, maybe we can even go to one of her shoes when we have time off after our tour ends .I knew she was someone I would want to keep in my life......

....for a long time.

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