Beyond Her Grave

Rayne just lost her best friend. In her grief she starts to cut, and goes too far. She ends up in a coma where she is visited by an Angel of Death, and he gives her a choice. She can either dive into the depths of Hell to find her friend and bring her back, or she can die without her. If Rayne were to fail then she would be cursed to a fate worst than death while her friend burned in Hell.


1. One

The razor sliced through her soft flesh. She didn't deserve it. Another cut. She should still be here. Tears mixed up with blood from another cut. What is wrong with the world?

   Rayne mutilated her wrist as tears fell from her eyes, grieving over her loss. Just a few hours ago her mother had sat her down and told her that one of best friends, Lily Collins, had died during the night. What a terrible way to start the day! Now, she was locked in her room, her grief drowning her.

   She hadn’t died of natural causes; she was killed. There was a home invasion where her sister and mother had been raped, her father severely wounded. One of the three invaders had also died. It was disgusting to think that there were people who would do that kind of thing.

   As far as she knew, Lily’s family hadn’t been doing too well. Her father would be in the hospital for months, her mother was a wreck and her sister was already seeing a psychologist.

   She made to make another slice in skin when someone knocked at the door, distracting her. Her hand slipped and she cut deeper than she meant to. Blood spilled from the cut, and her head felt light.

   Her mother was at the door asking if she was okay and whether she wanted any breakfast. Rayne couldn’t answer her, her head was spinning, her vision was blurry and her arm throbbed painfully.

   Rayne tried to go to the door, to cry for help, but she fell down on her way. A glass of water that had been on her desk was knocked over and shattered on the floor.

   Her mother’s cries got more frantic. Rayne felt her eyes close involuntarily; she was sleepy. A door slammed open, and footsteps thudded on the floor next to her. She was dimly aware of someone trying to shake her awake and screaming for help. There was a huge commotion downstairs and several people began yelling at once, someone (probably her little brother) was crying. In the distance she could hear a siren. She slowly felt herself lulled to sleep by the pain in her wrist.

* * *

Rayne woke up staring at herself. Or, more accurately, her body. She was in complete shock at just seeing herself bleeding out on the floor. Next to her, her mother was screaming and crying, shaking her and begging her to wake up, to open to her eyes.

   She turned, and at the doorway her stepdad was ushering away her little brother. Guilt flashed through her; her little brother had seen her body. He was clearly traumatised.

   There was a mirror next to her desk, and she shifted until she was in front of it. She didn’t show up. The mirror remained empty. She down at her body and gasped.

   She was transparent like a ghost. The bloodstains on her shirt were gone and so was the razor. It was still clutched in her body’s hand.

   She ran towards her mother, panicking. And passed right through her. Despite not breathing, she was beginning to hyperventilate.

   Soon paramedics arrived. They examined her briefly before strapping her to a gurney and wheeling her out towards the ambulance outside. One of them said something about blood loss to her mother and needing to her to a hospital as soon as possible for a blood transfer.

   Rayne followed her body out and into the ambulance. One of the medics was attending to her body whilst the other was driving the vehicle. Before the doors of the ambulance closed she saw her family climbing into a car to follow them.

   The ride to the hospital seemed to take forever. She kept glancing between her body, the paramedic and around the vehicle.

   She didn’t look too good. Her skin was pale and her clothes were covered in blood; her body was dying, and the closer her body was to death, the more she could feel a pull, trying to drag her out of the physical world into whatever afterlife there was for her.

   Fear spiked through her. What was going to happen to her? Was there a heaven? A Hell? If so, then where she go?

   Rayne had never been suicidal, but she had never particularly cared if she lived or died. But now she did. She didn’t want to die. She wanted to live.

   At last the ambulance stopped at a hospital. She followed her body on its way out to the emergency room. The doctors fussed over her, placing her on a bed, jabbing her with tubes, yelling at each other to get something or the other.

   Rayne didn’t want to be around for that. She wandered off, passing right through the door and into the waiting area. She witnessed her family arrive, shouting and yelling at the poor receptionist, making a ruckus and disturbing everybody. She definitely didn’t want to be around for that.

   She wandered the hospital, glancing into rooms and spying on other patients. For some reason, she was taking her near-death surprisingly well.

   Room after room passed by with her not paying any particular attention to any of them. One room in particular caught her attention. It was just like any other, but its occupants weren’t.

   Lily’s family was there, her father in the hospital bed, asleep, hooked up to a variety of IV drips and a heart monitor. It was beeping steadily but the man it was attached to showed on signs of life.

   Next to him, on the bed, was Lily’s sister, crying. Clutching her was her mother, silent tears running down her face.

   Lily’s death hit her again. And she ran. Away from the Collins, away from the daughter’s death, away from her own body.

   She ducked and weaved between people, not remembering she was a ghost. Eventually she made to the hospital room where her body was being kept.

   She lingered in the doorway. A doctor was in there explaining to her family that surrounding her body that the reason she was in a coma was unknown and they couldn’t do anything else for her.

   He excused himself, and left. Her mother broke down in a fit of sobs when he did. This surprised Rayne. Her mother wasn’t the type to cry.

   She watched her mother fall to her knees and begin praying to whoever was out there for her daughter to wake up.

  Rayne felt tears prick at her own eyes. What had she done?

  “Well, well, well. How pathetic.”

   She spun around and in the corner, in the shadows was a man. The man was dressed in long cloak that hid his features. He turned to Rayne, and she suspected that he grinned at her.

   Behind him, the shadows seemed dark and filled with malice. He stepped forward and his cloak fell away from his body and melded into the shadows behind him.

   If Rayne had been in her body she would’ve stopped breathing and her heart would’ve stopped beating for a second.

   He was gorgeous. Raven hair that was a bit too long fell over his ice blue eyes. His unnaturally pale skin seemed to glow like a full moon in a clear night. He wasn’t wearing a shirt so she had a clear view of his well-toned chest. But that wasn’t what would’ve made her heart stop.

   What would’ve made her heart stop were the angel wings attached to his back.

   He grinned at her, revealing sharp incisors like a vampire’s. “Hello, Rayne.”

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