Demon || Luke Hemmings

He wasn't real, he was the devil.
Luke Hemmings, a demon sent from hell,
Anastasia, the schools good girl, meets him and falls for a demon...
She doesn't know how deadly he can be...


1. Chapter One||New Kid Luke?


I chuckled, "Well it would be true, she's a bitch for saying those things about you" my friend, Monica laughed. I nodded "Yea, she's just a dirty little whore"

We laughed and walked to our class. Then, what caught my eyes was an attractive male, blonde hair in a quif, tattoos and pericings. That's my kinda of man. I sat right beside him with courage. "Uh I was gonna sit there" Stacy, the popular, snobby, stuck up and self centred brat of the school. I smirked "oh I'm sorry Princess, do you want me to move?" I asked, acting like I cared. "Yes" she said, gritting her teeth, "well to bad, because I'm here, go find a spot to sit, you bitchy brat" I smirked, she opened her mouth to say something, but the teacher walked in and she gave me a death glare, as she turned around and flipped her hair. I rolled my eyes and looked forward. "GoodMorning glass! I guess we can start off on where we left, math!" We all groaned as Miss Fraser started talking about pie. I did it but it was bored as fuck.


I got up and walked out of the classroom with my stuff in my arms, I walked with confidence in my walk. But I don't get it, that blonde guy, he gave me this courage, I couldn't understand. I shut my locker and nearly screamed as, the blonde guy appear fed behind my locker. "Luke. Luke Hemmings, you?" He said sticking out his hand and smilied. "Anastasia. Anastasia Evans"

We walked to the cafeteria, I was laughing and smiling. But I swear, at times his eyes were that gorgeous baby blue- then went to this pitch black evil eye colour.

What the fuck is going on?...

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