Romeo and Juliana

Juliana Dale moves to a new school for the fifty-thousandth time, but this time, it's to the place where she lived until she was five. She starts remembering certain memories, but others are still unclear, especially about a mysterious boy named Romeo Matthews who seems to hate her family. Two houses, and one person out of both houses are in love. Will these star-crossed lovers survive?
*Based on the Play by Shakespeare


1. The Fight of Two Houses

                    There was once two houses that loathed each other. One was House Matthews and House Dale. Ancient stories portray the real conflict as a mere monopoly business matter, but others think that the two houses used to be two playmates who couldn't play nicely. Whatever it was, Valencia was not at peace because of it. The two houses often argued over who got the last apple at the marketplace, or who got the best seat in Valencia Café, the most famous Café in town. Both houses were rich, and their flags were different. House Dale was always waving a purple flag and House Matthews always had a blue one. They competed for many things, even how high the flags were raised.

                    "Juliana!" An older lady called, her teeth crooked and yellow. "Your bath, milady!"

"But I don't want to!" Fifteen year old Juliana whined, "Why do I have to go to this stupid get-together anyways?" Even though she knew the answer, she thought if she were to question it enough, her maid, Magdalene, would allow her to ditch it. "Oh, Juliana! You know that your parents want you to marry!"

"I don't want to! No! No! No!" Juliana slammed her fist on her plush pillow. Feathers popped out and danced on the floor.

"Now look what you've done! I have to clean all this up! Child, just do as you're told! Why do you have to be so difficult?"

Juliana offered no answer. She was her mother's daughter, and from what she knew, her mother was the same way. She skipped with a fake smile on her face to the restroom where her bath was waiting for her.

She sat besides this guy she never met before and awkwardly glanced at him.

He's too old. He has wrinkles. He is rude and careless and annoying. She hoped that her parents would hate him and she would be able to go home rather than being around him. If there was one thing she hated, it was men. Men! How they got her goat without her even talking to them. She had to get some fresh air, and fast.

"Excuse me!" She said, suddenly feeling very much Closter-phobic. Well, that only happened to her when she was next to men, she decided.

"Fresh air!" She gasped, then realized she had fallen after her moment of victory. She looked up and saw very blue-green eyes staring down at her. Hair smacked her in the face. What a clumsy woman!

"I'm sorry," The boy muttered. Oh no. CLOSTERPHOBIA! When she thought she was about to faint from her 'closterphobia' she didn't, which was strange. She did fall over though, and she noticed that he was smiling.

"What is your name, fair maiden?"


She whipped her head around and ran. "Wait!" He called. "I have to go, I'm sorry!" She said in panic. "When will I see you again?" He asked desperately.

"I don't know."





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