Mafia in the town of Hallis

[This is a interactive story, comment what you want to do]
Your are the mafia in the small town of Hallis, your job is to be the last people standing. What will you choose?


2. No.2

Let Bella talk.

"That's where she took me." Bella lies.

"Yes that is where I took her." I lie again.

"Enough talking it's almost night."


"So who you want to kill?" Quinn texts you.

"I don't know, who was that person who walked up to me?" You reply.

"It was Yuli." Bella texts.

You smell gasoline out side your house, most likely its the serial killer coming to kill me or someone else.

"SK outside my home." You text them.

"It's Yuli." Bella texts me as I hide in the bathroom.

"Should that be our kill for tonight?" Wendy texts you.

"KILL HER" Was your last text to them that night.


As you walk outside it starts to rain. Good thing your wearing your Hallis Jockeys jacket.

"Any evidence on the death of Yuli?"

"It took place outside my house." You say with your head down feeling the rain fall on you, Yuli wasn't the best person you knew.... But you found out she was SK, so good well done.

"She was SK." Juiliee states the obvious.

The rain starts to fall more harder and it becomes more foggy. The perfect time to contemplate on who to kill. You start to smell gas again, the same you smelt last night. You feel cold small hands touch your shoulder.

Do you run away?

Or do you fight?

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