Mafia in the town of Hallis

[This is a interactive story, comment what you want to do]
Your are the mafia in the small town of Hallis, your job is to be the last people standing. What will you choose?


1. No.1

"Now where was everyone last night?" A voice comes from the circle of town members.

You hesitate for a moment and lie, a good lie.

"I was at transporting Bella."

Bella is a mafia member like you, she'll help you with this lie.

"Is that true?" The original voice says as she stares at you and Bella.

"Yes it is, I was being transported." Bella lies.

A person rushes from their part in the circle to you and they whisper in your ear,

"Then why were you two at Dianna's house?"

You hesitate, that's who you killed last night.

Option 1:Say that's where you took her,

Option 2:Keep quiet and let Bella do the talking,

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