I hate you, I hate you more

South Korean boy group Boyfriend and British boy band can't stand each other. When there forced to sing together they turn that hatred into.......a bond?


1. Ch -1-

 Boyfriends pov 


 "Here we are, London!" Donghyun said looking around at the busy streets and beautiful sights.


 "Okay, according to these directions we have to walk down that street turn left walk down that street and we should find there Flat" Hyunseong said looking at the directions carefully.


 "Sounds easy enough" Youngmin started.


 "Let's go" Kwangmin finished.


 "I know there twins and all but do they always have to do that? Sometimes creeps me out" Minwoo said.


 Jeongmin gave him a small push to make him start walking.


 It took a long time in the hot humid weather but they got there perfectly fine. 


 "Should I knock?" Donghyun asked 


 "How else do you enter some ones house burst down the door?" Jeongmin asked.


 "Pabo...." Donghyun said under his breathe.


 "What did you just call me? Do you forget I'm Korean I can understand you!" Jeongmin said.


 Minwoo covered his eyes in embarrassment "make them stop." 


 "He is calling me out in my own language! What do you think I'm supposed to do?!" Jeongmin said.


 "Well if you weren't such a drama queen" Donghyun said.


 "Wanna repeat that again?!" Jeongmin said.


 "Hello?" Some one said.


 They stopped and stared at the opened door where the one direction members stood. They put on fake smiles hoping they didn't see any of that.


 "Is everything okay?" Harry asked.

Donghyun nodded his head "Yeoboseyo" 

Zayn looked at him like he sprung to heads "what..." 

Niall gave Zayn a gentle slap in the arm "don't be rude! He's saying hello in his language" 

"Witch I don't understand....." Zayn said in a muttered tone.

"I'll try again, I'm Donghyun. I'm the leader of boyfriend, it's nice to meet you all" Donghyun said giving a warm smile. 

"I'm Liam" Liam said shaking hands with Donghyun.

"Whoa..." Louis said.

Donghyun, zayn, Niall, Liam and Harry turned to look at him. He was staring at the twins in amazement.

"Look at how weird this is" Louis said moving back and forth watching Kwangmin and Youngmin's eyes follow him.

Niall sighed "we try to solve a rivalry and he goes and makes it worse" 

"Oh yeah, your the ones who stole our music video idea!" Minwoo said 

"We had it first!" Zayn said.

"I don't think so!" The twins said together.


Everyone turned to look at Hyunseong. He shook his head "This won't get us any where suck it up guys! The videos are similar how where we suppose to know."

"I guess your right" Harry said running a hand through his hair. 

This was going to be hard.....for the both of them.

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