the way he smiled

the way a simple human activity can change my life


1. school project

I walk with my head down wondering the halls making my way to class i only really have on rule when I'm at school and that is keep your self to your self no eye contact  I'm so awkward  which you would never guess if you meet my younger sister first she's volleyball team captain, cheerleader but she kind out going dating the a football player niall and her are too cute niall and his gang (harry,liam,zayn louis) are ok i guess and here i am being all awkward and shit but i guess i really should tell you about me hi I'm reagan I'm 17  i have a sister named faith she 15 and thats about it so . i push open the door i find my seat at the back of my science class and wait for class to begin . "good afternoon class from today on you with be doing a experiment with a partner you will have to live with each out for most of the year your partners have been pick I'm going to read them out at the end of class. i felt the color fade from my face eww people i thought . the end of class roles around and he begins to call the names 

"ok class listen up

cat and charlie

perrie and zayn 

sophie and liam

dianna and ron

steffanie and luke

madi and micheal

katy and louis

niall and faith 

harry and Reagan 

REAGAN!!! WAIT NO NOT HARRY EWW HE HATES ME ever since 9th grade when we had that fight omg why me 

"class please got sit with your partner" 

harry walks to me "hi" HI AFTER 5 YEARS ALL I GET IS HI GREAT 

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