the way he smiled

the way a simple human activity can change my life


2. harry styles

harry styles the one who took my heart in 9th grade then cheated with bee he broke my heart the same year my parents left me and faith to fend for our selfs he broke me down that same year i failed suicide 2 times I'm better now but I'm still depressed he never even uttered a sorry not a single look after that day that cold evil stare i got from bee every day they dated for 2 months but then she cheated with luke reese  she never cared for him like i did she also did something un forgivable he forgave her but some how i can't forgive him  "reagan reagan " harry snapped me for my long depressing daze "what" i coldly replied "listen I'm sorry i wanna be friends " he looked sad like he cared just a little "friends oh ok fine we have to live with each other anyways" i looked at him he's perfect wait no stop reagan "class" i turned to the front "you will be living in an apartment with another partner couple you will get visits to check how you are living on your own you with get 30 pound each every week spend i wisely you will not attend school for 4 month while this project is in progress . the class erupted in cheers no school was good i guess "settle down you will pick a apartment number another couple may pick the same number you won't know until you get there" I'm worried i don't want ron ugh  we pick the number 04  "now class raise your hand if you have a car " harrys hand shot up "ok mr styles here are the directions you may make your way to the apartment block  "mrs styles" he bowed and grabbed my hand "mr styles" i blushed we ran through the halls to his car he put the directions into his phone and we were on our way we turned up to this crappy old building "um are you sure we are at the right place harry?" he didn't even need to answer the schools bus turned up we were given clothes that we had been made to bring in for no told reason now we know why  "ok class i will see you in a week have fun your money is in the rooms bye" he smiled and left "what the fuck this place is a dump " i heard ron yell  everyone went to there room we got to our and knocked on the door faith and niall opened the door "omg hey reagan " she hugged me  i hugged back it looks like this is gonna be easier than i thought the room was small two rooms 1 bathroom and a small kitchen area we walk into are room with one double bed all the rooms only had one bed  "um" i turned to harry the smile on his face grew big god that smile that smile will be the death of me "well i guess we are sleeping here dibs on left side" he ran a jumped on the bed "be careful this place is already falling apart" i said worried this place might fall in on us he laughed "get over here and cuddle with me" he smiled "n- ok whatever" i rolled my eyes and walk over to him he wrapped me in his arm those warm arms i missed so much 




hey guys I'm catie  I hope you are enjoying this i need a co owner who can update on thursdays and can help me edit my chapters (my punctuation and spelling will be bad until i get some one to help) i will update on monday and wens day hopefully 

if you wanna be my co owner comment your name and  age if you don't want to leave those in the comments kik me them at imaniallsgirlxoxo    

                                     love you all 


                                                           ~catie =^,^=

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