Never date a hunter


1. first encounter

It was a murky Saturday morning and the sky was filled with clouds. a single beam of sunlight burst through one and streamed in through the window to my bedroom hitting my face in the process. my eyes fluttered open and I lethargically sat up only to slump back down. Three hours later at eleven O'clock I had to get up . I had to get to work. I had to kill whatever that thing was that was slowly killing people off in the north end of Michigan in a small backward town who's idea of crowded was three people in a room at once. I got up and dressed and then left with my bags packed from the night before. Leaving my room and set off towards the front desk across the almost completely Baron parking lot. The sun shone in my eyes like one of the headlights of of a car sending my mind drifting back to the memory's of buying mine. It was a beat up old vw but it was the best birthday present I ever got, and the last from my father before he was killed in cold blood by one of those big mouthed buggers. It was the day after my seventeenth birthday and my dad was so proud if me passing my driving test. I reached the end of the parking lot and braced myself for the smell of puke and alcohol that flooded your senses as you walk in. In the place of the stinky old man was a woman with curly blonde hair and over made up blue eyes. She was chewing some kind of foul smelling strawberry gum and it was all I could do not to barf. I sighed to myself, popped a stick of cinnamon gum in my mouth and approached the counter. The woman ( her badge read Stacey) glanced up from her computer screen to address me. "How May I help you?" Stacey smiled with an almost patronising look on her face. " uh I'm here to check out." I stated feeling rather intimidated by her piercing gaze. The woman smiled and pulled out a form from her drawer at the end of her desk. " thank you for staying and could you please fill out this question are about your stay and hand it in with your key" I reluctantly took the questionnaire because I could not really be bothered doing it and sat down on a chair in the corner of the room. I took out my lucky pen and began to fill out the pointless form. just then the door swung open and two men came in laughing at some inside joke. The boys looked like brothers but acted like best friends. The taller man was wearing jeans and a light blue shirt he had curly , boyish brown hair and sideburns that went on for miles. he walked up to the counter scanning the room with his brown eyes and started talking to the woman at the counter. It was then that I realised the other man had stopped by the coffee machine and was staring at me. he had short dirty blonde hair and eyes greener than grass. I smiled and flushed red and then looked back down at the form which I had finally finished. I with the most ladylike grace possible stood up and leaving the keys and form on the counter sashayed away trying my best to do a sexy walk like that woman in the cat food advert. After leaving I tied my boot laces up and ran for my car. I almost cried when I saw the state it was in. Someone had smashed the front windscreen and punctured the tyres whimpering I opened the front driver side door and got in. It wouldn't start. I jumped out and ran to check the fuel tank. Hanging out of it was a screwdriver. "FUCK" I shouted and slumped down to sit by one of the doors. Scratched into the paintwork right In Front of me was the words" keap out of it Grey!" Dam assholes couldn't even have spelt it right. "No no no no no" I cried crouching in a puddle of motor oil.

Just then a shadow crossed over mine and I looked up to see who was blocking out my sun. It was one of the guys from the motel. (In my opinion the cutest one) was standing over me. "I'm dean and you must be miss Gray" he smiled sympathetically extending a hand to help me up. I smiled "yeah Skye short for skylar" I replied flatly taking his hand to steady me as I stood up in the pile of motor oil. "they killed my baby" I said shocked "that things been like my only friend for years". Dean just smiled again and picked up my bag for me. " where are you going ip give you a lift" dean asked as I stared at my poor beaten car " um anywhere we're there's a bar"

" bit early of that isn't it?" He replied smiling again I love his smile he had perfect white teeth and playfully green eyes that shin like emeralds. Wait what was I talking about- oh yea , bar. "Never too early to drown your sorrows"

We'll me and my brother need to got to the house at the north of he town so we can-" blah blah blah my mind wandered away as he was speaking, I was too busy staring at him so I just pretended to listen and nodded after he stopped. We started walking and when we got the other side of the parking lot I dragged my attention away to his car.

I stopped n my tracked " is that- omg it's a 67 impala !"

"You like it?" There was that smile again. Something tightened in my chest and I grinned as like an over protective mother wiped a smudge of dirt off of the windshield. Deans brother rolled his eyes as I got in and closed my eyes. The leather seats felt like heaven on my backside. Dean put my bag on the seat next to me and smoothly got into the drivers side. We pulled out on the rad and I thanked the boys for the ride.

About ten minutes later I yawned and dean looked at the mirror for probably a bit too long and spoke "booting you are we" I smiled and innocently replied:

" a bit got any music?" Sam, Deans brother chuckled to himself " nothing good if you ask him"

"And what's your taste sideburns"

Sam went red "hmm probably a power Pallad boy I laughed as I pretended I was celene dion singing that song from titanic" Sam feigned a boyish bad mood and crossed his arm with his head down. I couldn't help but giggle. " by the way led zeplin and black sabbath are not crap there music legends" dean pitched in putting a cassette tape into the cars radio. "I have to agree on that dean there better than the modern crap people subject themselves to nowadays. " I shouted over Kashmir by led zeplin. The rest of the journey was filled by me and dean annoying Sam by singing his music at the top of our voices.

When the journey came to an end I reluctantly left the car thanking Sam and dean and headed down a dark alley towards a craned shop for more coffe. Just then there was a blinding flash and then everything went dark.

What do you think guys and what do you think shud happen next???

Luvox babbyyyyyzzz

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