Her back arched and her bones cracked. Her eyes went black. A piercing, deafening shriek lurched out of her throat. The windows shook. Her teeth became razor-sharp. Her body went limp. The others huddled closer to examine the new creature they had manufactured. A smile creeped onto her face. Her eyes flashed open. A low growl rose in her throat and slowly escaped. Her eyes were hungry for blood. On all faces were charmed grins. They laughed and whooped at the new member of the crowd. The new, most strong, most powerful member of Monstrous.


8. Francesca

“Iridessa? What are these?” Alice asked her sister. Iridessa walked over to the spot at the end of thew all. Her eyes grew as she looked over the pictures that covered the whole end of the wall. 


“Is that mom?” She asked. Alice nodded and took one of the pictures off of the wall. Her mother was holding two newborn babies in her bedroom. She was covered by a large blanket and was sweating. She had just given birth. In the background were blood bags.  They babies seemed to smile as well. If you looked close enough, you could see the red dripping down their mouths. 


“She had two other kids. They are halves.” She put the picture back onto the wall. 


“What do you mean she had other kids? She can’t.” 


“‘Apparently she can. This wasn’t that long ago either. This was only around two month ago. Look. The date says 10-24-2019” Alice said, pointing to the date. Confusion fill both of the girls minds. Their gaze at the pictures broke as the door handle started to rattle. As it opened, Felix stepped inside with a bunch of bags. 


“How did you find it?” Alice asked, taking a couple bags. 


“I smelled Iridessa at that tree and then I saw this thing that looked like a doorknob so I opened it.” Felix said. He hugged Alice. “I covered up the scent with the Scent Spray.” He said. 


“My mother has other kids. And a husband.” Alice said. 


“What? How could she have kids? She’s a vampire right?” He asked. Alice nodded. Just then the door knob jiggled and a gun slid into the door. Iridessa, followed by the other two, put up their hands. A man, around the age of thirty-two stepped inside and pointed the pistol right at Alice. 


“Please. Don’t shoot. I’m family of Francesca.” She said. Slowly she took a step forward. “My name is Alice.” She said softly. Calmly. 


“Francesca! Come inside! Bring the little ones hurry!” He yelled. He kept the gun on the but opened the door more to let a women and two children inside. As soon as the women looked up, her eyes widened and she dropped the bags she was holding. 


“Alice. Iridessa!” She shouted. Smiling they all ran to each other. Francesca embraced her daughters in her arms. They laughed and kissed each other. Tears ran down all of their faces. “How did you find me?” She asked. 


“We didn’t. You found us. We came here because we are in trouble. We needed a secret place to stay so we came here not knowing it was occupied.” Iridessa said. 


“Trouble? What trouble?” Francesca asked curiously. The girls looked at each other and back at Felix. He nodded and stepped up. 


“My name is Felix. A special friend of Alice’s. I was part of Claudius’ clan.” He said. Francesca flinched at his name. 




“Yes ma’am. Was. Alice and I met. I gave her a floor on my house. I went to Claudius’ layer on a morning walk and I over heard his and Asparatus’ conversation.”

“Asparatus is back?! He can’t be back. He was banned by a witch who put us underneath a force field.” Francesca said. “Lance, please take the children to the bedroom. I will be there in a moment.” She kissed the two children on the head. Once they were gone, Francesca lifted a picture frame which released a door in the ground. “Come one. It’s not safe to talk here.” 


The three followed here down the long hallway until reaching a door. When she opened it they all walked in. The room looked almost identical to Felix’s living room. 


“Please sit. Would you like a drink?” She asked. Everyone shook their heads.


“We need to talk about what is going on mother.” Iridessa said. Francesca nodded and sat down in front of the others. 


“They want Alice. They made a deal that if Claudius brings her to Asparatus then Asparatus will leave and never return, leaving the county to Claudius.” Felix said.


“What exactly are they planning on doing to her?” The three exchanged looks. Alice stood up.


“There is something you need to know.” She took a deep breath. “I wanted to find you and Iridessa. I needed power to do this. I thought that since I was a werewolf, due to Asparatus, my father, I could go to Claudius. He could change me into a hybrid. So I did so and he fell for my trick.” Francesca’s eyes lit up at the words hybrid. 


“Your a hybrid? Do you know how much power you have?! Do you know what your venom can do?” She asked. Alice shook her head. 


“That is why we need you. Mom, they are trying to kill me. They want to drain me of my blood. If I can turn all of us into a hybrid, we can take them over. Beat all of them. Be free.” Francesca shook her head. 


“I can’t do that. I have a family.”

“We are your family! We are your first born. We need you mom!” They all looked at each other. There was a moment of silence before she spoke again. 


“Okay. Under one condition. We leave those three out of it.” She said, pointing up. They all nodded. “Now to find out what your venom can really do.” She said, grabbing a milking container. 



Sorry for such a short chapter. I have been in school and I am writing this during classes. Thank you for reading!! Please give me your feedback in the comments and tell me any ideas your have. Thanks again! 



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