Her back arched and her bones cracked. Her eyes went black. A piercing, deafening shriek lurched out of her throat. The windows shook. Her teeth became razor-sharp. Her body went limp. The others huddled closer to examine the new creature they had manufactured. A smile creeped onto her face. Her eyes flashed open. A low growl rose in her throat and slowly escaped. Her eyes were hungry for blood. On all faces were charmed grins. They laughed and whooped at the new member of the crowd. The new, most strong, most powerful member of Monstrous.


6. Found belongings


I don’t know exactly where Claudius wants me to take you, but you can use my home if you would like.” Felix said to Alice. 


“Yes, I would like that very much.” She exclaimed. He smiled and nodded. His voice was not as deep as you would assume it would be. His eyes were a beautiful blue. His hair was sandy and his body chiseled. 


“You are a very beautiful women. How old did you say you are?” She let out a wicked little laugh.


“You aren’t so bad yourself.” She said, making him blush. “I have been eighteen for the past one-hundred and fifty years. What about you?”


Felix picked a leaf off a tree and played with it. 


“I’ve been nineteen for one-hundred and thirty five years. Technically, you are older but others would think I am. So, I will too.” He said. They both laughed together and took a turn. There waiting was a charcoal grey dodge challenger. 


“Are we driving?” Alice asked. 


“You see that light at the top of the mountain?” Felix asked, pointing to the little light on the top of the mountain they were currently standing on. 




“That took me three years to build. Seven rooms. Five bathrooms. Three stories. All exterior walls are glass but the inside ones are cedar. I have ten gardens. Five fruit, three vegetable, and two flowers. I have animals every where that roam about. Its amazing really.” He said. 


“Why don’t we just run?” She asked.


“Well, when Claudius turned me, I didn’t get the running gene. He said it had something to do with DNA in his blood that didn’t replicate correctly. So, I just put a turbo on this and it goes fast as hell.” Felix smiled. Alice examined his smile that was so attractive. His teeth were so straight and white. His lips were full and so kissable. Sh stared at them for a minute until she caught herself biting hers. “Earth to Alice” Felix said, snapping his fingers in her face.


“Oh, I am so sorry. I was just thinking.” She said. She laughed and turned to the car. “You ready?” Felix nodded and smiled. They walked to the car and he opened the door for her, like the perfect gentleman that she always dreamed about. 


The purr of the cars engine could easily cause her to fall asleep, but then Felix slammed on the gas. The car lurched forward, the wheels screeching. He took a sharp right and hit the gas harder. The end of the road where it curves was coming up. Alice held onto the seat. 


“Felix?” She said. “Felix, slow down!” She said. As they came upon the drop off, she covered her eyes and squealed. He pulled the emergency break and drifted a hard right. He laughed with excitement while she slowly uncovered her face. “You just scared the hell out of me!” Alice screamed as she lightly hit Felix on the shoulder. 


“Good! You need more Jesus!” He yelled as the engine started to roar so loud that it overcame his voice. After more drifts and more turns, we finally got to the house. Alice awed in astonishment. 


“You built this?” She whispered. He nodded and opened her door, helping her out. 


“Do you have any clothes or bags you want me to carry?” Alice didn’t hear him say because she was too busy looking at the house. 


It was about the size of fifteen to twenty large subdivision houses together. Most of the walls were glass except for the bedroom and bathroom walls, she assumed. The gardens that surrounded the house were beautiful and lush with flowers and beautiful fruits and vegetables. There were exotic birds and other animals everywhere. The lights coming from the house turned colors. It was three stories. It was really just beauftiul .


“Um, no. I don’t bring stuff with me. I keep it all in one place and if I need it then I go get it.” She said. She looked down and started walking to the house. 


“So, you don’t have a house?” Felix asked. 


“Uhm, yeah. Like, everywhere really. I travel to look for my mom. Sometimes I even just sleep on the ground. The earth is my home.” She said. 


“Well, if you want. You can have like one of the stories in my house.” She looked up at him with adoration in her eyes. 


“Really? I couldn’t do that. It took you forever to build this. I can’t just take one. I will rent a room.” Felix let out a loud laugh. 


“I have eternity to live. I can rob a bank, get arrested and compel them to let me out. You don’t have to pay. You can have which ever one you would like. I don’t mind.” She smiled and nodded. He opened the door and took her little coat, placing it on the coat rack. “Here, um, lets go to the third floor. I am sure you would like that one best.” They walked to an elevator and clicked third floor. In 5.2 seconds, they were on the third floor. 


Every wall really was glass. Some of them blurred. Strobe lights covered all rooms. All the furniture was white and the floor was a dark wood coated with a clear coat. The kitchen was huge with all shiny metal appliances. There really wasn’t any way to explain it. It reminded her of the time she snuck into the white house but this house had a more modern look. 


Alice turned to Felix who just watched her drool over the house. 


“You like it?” He said with a grin from ear to ear. 


“Like it? Psh. No. I love it.” She smiled and walked over to him. She pulled him into her embrace. It took him a moment until he wrapped his arms lightly around her hips. “Thank you.” She whispered into his shirt which her face was pressed against. 


“You know, I haven’t had a hug since I got turned.” Felix said. Alice loosened her grip around his neck and looked him in the eyes. 


“What about a kiss?” She asked. He hesitated to answer. She wanted so bad to use her emotion control on him but if they were going to be anything, she wanted it to be real. 


“I’ve never been kissed before.” He said. His face turned red as she lifted her eyebrows. 


“Out of your whole life, you haven’t ever been kissed?!” She exclaimed. He laughed and nodded. 


She wrapped her arms a little tighter around his neck and looked him in the eyes. She bit her lip and looked at his. Doing what she knew would make her crazy. She looked back up into his eyes and went for it. 


Their lips slightly touched and in an instant he had her slammed against the wall and her shirt halfway off. That’s the thing with vampires. Once they feel something, the feeling inclines. But with a hybrid, it breaks the scale. Their bodies moved in sync back and forth. Alice’s shirt and pants were across the room along with Felix’s clothes. They made their way to the bedroom and threw themselves onto the bed. 


After four hours, they had calmed down. Tired, actually. They played with each others hands and feet. Ran their hands over each others bodies. Kissed. Moved. Walked through his garden, still with no clothes. She smelled something. Something strong. Something like weed. A smile rose up on her face. 


“It’s under us, isn’t it?” Alice asked Felix. He looked at her and laughed. “I turned off my powers so I can’t read anything off of you.” She said. 


“Yeah. It is. I sell it too.” He said. 


“Take me there.” She said. He nodded and grabbed her hand. They walked a little ways and then he stomped on the ground. An underground door unlatched and the smell released even stronger. They walked into the chamber and she looked around. It was a whole underground weed field. The lights shown on the plants so it could grow. There was a sprinkler system. There were plants upside down to dry out. 


“You want some?” Felix asked. 


“Uh, hell yeah!” She laughed. They walked over to the counter where he already had some stored. They rolled joints together and lit em up. They laughed and told secrets they wouldn’t ever tell anyone. They made out, they talked, they laughed and cried. 


“I don’t even know why I’m crying. I know guys usually don’t cry but I just don’t know whats going on.” Felix said. They both burst into laughter. 


“What the hell?” Alice said. They laughed and hit a couple more times until they both heard something in the house. 


“I hear breathing. But, no heartbeat. What about you?” He asked Alice who was out for a moment while she was turning everything back on. 


“Its a female vampire. She is looking for someone. Come on.” She said. Secretly, she was hoping it was her mother or sister. But she doubted it. If only they would come out of hiding so it wouldn’t be so hard, but another part of her likes a challenge. Alice raced into the bedroom in a matter of seconds and came back with clothes. They changed and slowly moved into the house. Dished banged and then a light shattered. Alice ran as fast as she could into the kitchen. 


A sound of crying came from by the fridge. Alice walked over and pinned whoever it was to the wall. 


“No! No! Let me go! I’m sorry.” A familiar voice shouted out. “I’m weak and injured. Please.” She said. 


“Felix, get the lights, I can’t see shit.” Alice called to Felix. The lights came on and once Alice saw  the girls face, she immediately let go. 


“Iridessa?” Alice whispered. 


“Alice!” She called. The two girls embraced each other in a hug. “I have been searching for you for two years. But every time I find you, you disappear.” Iridessa said. 


“I am so sorry. I thought you and mother have been running from me. You can’t let anyone know you are here.” Alice said, grabbing the girls shoulders. “They will kill you.” She said. 




“Asparatus. He has been searching for you and mother. He thinks I am helping but I am only helping you two. Can the stay here with me?” Alice said to Felix. 

“The third floor is yours. Do what you want with it.” Felix said, smiling. Alice walked to him and planted a kiss on his lips. Iridessa and Alice then took off to the elevators. When they got to the floor, Alice immediately lead her to the bedroom in which she forgot she had made love to Felix in. 


“What have you been doing? It smells like-”


“Nothing. We just need to talk about Asparatus.” Alice dashed around the room and straightened it up, spraying the air with freshener. “I did it. I found Claudius.” Alice exclaimed with excitement. 


“What?! Did you kill him for the venom? Did you get enough for all three of us?” Iridessa asked. Alice looked down and twiddled her fingers around. 


“I couldn’t.” She said. Anger rose in Iridessa’s eyes. 


“How could you not?! This is the man who turned us! Ruined our lives forever! Our father whom betrayed us! How could you not-” Alice slapped her hand over her sisters mouth. 


“He is here.” Alice said. “I smell him. Oh my god, come on.” Alice grabbed onto Iridessa’s hand and lead her into the weed chamber. Thankfully, Felix was already there. 


“Alice, he is-” She put her hand over his mouth too. She closed the door and sent messages to each one of them .


We have to remain quite. He lost his sense of smell. I took it from him. If I can get a connection with him, then I can control his emotion and actions. Let me try. You two stay here and stay still and quiet. 


Felix and Iridessa both nodded as Alice walked slowly to the door. She could feel Asaparatus’ presence. A few more feet and she could connect. 


“I feel someone. They are trying to-” He said and then cut off as Alice got in contact. 


She moved around is emotion to confusion. She switched his destination back to his home. Made him order everyone to remain still once they got home.


“What are we doing here? We have to go home immediately. We will remain still when we get there. Go!” She made him say. She then made him forget where and how to get where they were at. 


Once they were out of sense, Alice moved back to Felix and Iridessa. 


“Okay. I am pretty sure they are gone.” Alice said as she was turning around just to see Felix and Iridessa hit a blunt. She laughed and rolled her eyes for she felt high already but wanted one anyways. 


They all sat down and smoked. They talked about what had happened when they were little, to what was going on now. Felix, being stoned, poured out his feelings for Alice. She jumped into his lap and crashed her lips into his. Iridessa looked around in the cabinets for drinks which she found pretty easily with her keen sense of smell. She grabbed three bottles of vodka and opened one for herself. She chugged it, ignoring the burning sensation in her throat. She tossed the other two bottles and they all chugged together. They played beer pong, smoked more weed, and talked. Finally, they all got tired. Barely able to walk, they all held onto each other and stumbled into the house, falling right on the couch together. They snuggled up and fell asleep.

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