Her back arched and her bones cracked. Her eyes went black. A piercing, deafening shriek lurched out of her throat. The windows shook. Her teeth became razor-sharp. Her body went limp. The others huddled closer to examine the new creature they had manufactured. A smile creeped onto her face. Her eyes flashed open. A low growl rose in her throat and slowly escaped. Her eyes were hungry for blood. On all faces were charmed grins. They laughed and whooped at the new member of the crowd. The new, most strong, most powerful member of Monstrous.


7. Betrayal


Alice felt something soft brush against the skin on her neck. She giggled and slowly, her eyes flickered open. 


“Good morning.” Felix whispered. 


“Good morning.” Alice smiled and stretched her arms outward. She looked around to see Iridessa sprawled out on the floor. A puddle of vomit surrounded her. Felix and Alice laughed together and stood up. An instant migraine rushed into her head. A queazy feeling left in her stomach. She stumbled into the kitchen and lifted the trash can lid, letting out a fowl smelling liquid. 


“You don’t handle alcohol well for a vampire, let alone a wolf too.” Felix walked up behind Alice and rested his hands against her hips.


“I never drink that much. The last drink I had was four months ago and it was two shots of moonshine, which made me vomit as much as this.” Alice’s stomach muscle’s tightened and her body lurched forward a bit while green, chunky liquid spilled from her mouth the the garbage can. 


“Here, let’s get you and Dessa to the bed.” 


“Dessa?” Alice asked. 


“She said that everyone calls her that.” 


“No, just me and mom. But, I guess that she lets other people too.” Alice held on to Felix’s arm while they grabbed a big bowl and walked to the bedroom. He picked her up and laid her on the bed, covered her up, put a rag on her head, and got her some water and tylenol. Yes, vampires get hung over, need medicine, do things humans would do. Like sleep. But just not as much. 


“I am gonna go get her and bring her in here. Be back in a sec.” Alice nodded and moaned as she rolled over. 


In a couple of minutes, Felix came back, cradling Alice’s sister. 


“She can’t walk. Her legs have gone numb she says.” Iridess groaned as well as she was sat beside her sister. She snuggled up to her and slowly drifted off again. When both of the girls dozed off, Felix decided to take a walk. 



He walked through his gardens, straightened up his weed house, and then started off down the trail in his backyard that lead to Claudius’ layer. As he walked into the cave, he noticed a fowl smell. Smelled wet. He then heard a booming voice in the back. He took off to the side behind a bush, for he knew that voice. 


“Claudius! I need her! You have given her all power. Anything she wants to do, she can do it. We need to drain her of every pint of blood she has. Except for one. Make her a were wolf again. That is it! She cannot have power over us like this!” Asparatus yelled at Claudius. 


“She is your daughter! You can’t harm her like that! What happens when Francesca arrives and see’s her lover slowly cutting incisions in their daughters skin to drain her of all but one pint of blood. What happens when she see’s what kind of father you really are!? She will leave you. Take Alice with her and neither of us will ever see any of them ever again!” There was a moment of silence before Asparatus quietly lifted his voice. 


“She will kill all of us. She has that kind of power. I will pay you. Give you all of this land and I will leave. You will be the most powerful one through this county. I will leave and never bother you again.” Before Felix could see Claudius agree, he darted back off towards his house. 


He could not let them get their hands on Alice. They would kill her, her sister, and probably him too. They will have to run away. Go somewhere. Can’t come back. 


Once he finally reached his front door, the girls were in the kitchen singing and cooking. 


“Hey! Shh. Follow me, now. Hurry.” Felix shouted and ran to the back bedrooms. Alice and Dessa gave each other cautious glances and ran after him. 


“What is it?” Alice said before she walked through the door. 


“We have to go. Now. Go get your stuff. I will explain in a minute.” Felix said, throwing all of his stuff into a large suitcase. Alice placed a hand on his. 


“What is going on?” He hesitated to answer. 


“I over heard Asparatus and Claudius. Claudius is being paid the whole county to himself to find and kill you. If they get you, Asparatus will drain you of every ounce of blood and throw you off the mountain. He will then leave and let Claudius have the county to himself.” Alice thought to herself a moment. Would she believe this? Its Asparatus so she must. She shook her head and grabbed ahold of Dessa, pulling her upstairs. They began to pack bags silently. 


“Wait. If your venom got inside of me, what would it do?” Dessa asked. 


“I-I don’t really know. I would think it would turn you into a hyrbid.”


“Won’t a hybrid over power a regular vampire and were-wolf?” Alice thought a moment, her eyes glowing. 


“I could turn you and Felix. The three of us could easily fight them off. Maybe even a couple of others would join us. If we find mom, she could.” Dessa smiled and jumped, squealing. 


“Let’s go tell Felix!” She said. Alice rolled her eyes. 


Iridessa was always the fun, hyper one. She wasn’t as mature as Alice. She was always fond of Alice’s boyfriends. Always had Alice’s back. 


“Felix! We know what to do.” Iridessa exclaimed as we reached his door way. He looked up at the two girls who had wide smiled stretched across their faces. They eyes glowing with pride. 


Why are they so proud they have come up with a plan? Their mother always told them that if they used both of their head, both of their mind and thoughts, they could achieve greatness. Save the world. They never believed her. They always thought they would never grow up to make decisions without her. 


“What? What are you talking about? We can’t do anything. We have to leave. It’s too dangerous here.” Felix said. Dessa shook her head. 


“That! That is where you are wrong honey bun. That is where we overcome your mind with two of ours.” Alice laughed and shook her head. She walked to Felix and took both of his hands in hers. 


“We could beat them. We can destroy them. If I turn you, Dessa, and my mother, we could all easily kill all of them.” Alice said. Felix shook his head. 


“No. I have family there. They will use them against us. I can’t let them die.”


“Then change their minds! I can send them messages! Stand outside the layer. They can join us too.” She whispered. “We can create a family. A hybrid family.” She shuffled closer. “Come on.” She said. Her lips brushing against his. It was tempting at first, but he resisted. 


“You can’t use yourself against me like that. Just, let me think. Can we at least get some where safe and then discuss it? We don’t even know if your venom could do that.” Felix proved a point. They would have to test out her venom. 


“Okay.” She said. She lifted up on her feet and softly kissed his cheek. They loaded all of their belongings into his car. The girls ran beside the car so the stuff would fit. They covered up their scent by having alice run behind them. Her wolf smell would cover it, smelling like wet dirt. 


They headed north towards a large forest area. Somewhere within is a camouflaged cabin that is very difficult to find. Her mother built it before they were separated. It is sound proof too. It takes about and hour to reach it in a car, but only ten minutes on vampire feet. But the way things were looking, they would have to run for an hour. As they jogged among the road line, dodging cars by running in fields, wooded areas, and even dropping to the ground for seconds at a time.  


They finally reached the road that lead to the forest so the girls decided to patrol the area for the cabin. There is a special tree that stands in front of the cabin. While Felix drove the rest of the way to the wood line, the girls found the cabin. Iridessa grabbed the key from underneath the fake rock and unlocked the door. The cabin was a four bedroom and two bathroom. It had a kitchen, dinning room, living room, and den area. It was decorated and painted. It was quite modern looking. There was a basement underground that the girls held parties at when they didn’t understand the concept of the danger of hanging around humans. 


“I never thought I would be back inside this place. It still looks the same. It’s not even dusty.”  Iridessa claimed. Alice walked over to the “Wall of Fame” as they use to call it. She ran her fingers over the picture frames that hung up, repeating their childhood. As she reached the end, she noticed pictures that were not there when she left. Pictures of another family. A mother, father, and two kids. A boy and girl. She did not know the father or the children, but one face was clearly known. Her mother.

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