Her back arched and her bones cracked. Her eyes went black. A piercing, deafening shriek lurched out of her throat. The windows shook. Her teeth became razor-sharp. Her body went limp. The others huddled closer to examine the new creature they had manufactured. A smile creeped onto her face. Her eyes flashed open. A low growl rose in her throat and slowly escaped. Her eyes were hungry for blood. On all faces were charmed grins. They laughed and whooped at the new member of the crowd. The new, most strong, most powerful member of Monstrous.


2. Beginning of Monstrous

   Claudius walked slowly around his small army of vampires. Their backs straight. No heart beat. No soul. Their eyes empty as he washed out their minds. Wiping them free of all past events. All past thoughts. His eyes crawled with hunger. With desperation. He craved the power of his rivalry, Asparatus. Asparatus was Claudius' brother who had betrayed him for a witch. A family of witches. They turned him immortal, along with a hundred other men. They had the power to read minds, control thoughts, strength, quickness. They and everything. 

Claudius met a witch, Bonnie, and paid her to make him immortal, but different from his brother. He wanted to be something new. More powerful. He wanted to be able to read minds and control thoughts but he also wanted to see into the future. Control emotion. Fly. Force fields. Everything. He wanted it all. It would cost her her life but she was willing to do it for her mother who was killed by Asparatus. 

   Her spell took four days. Claudius went through a terrible amount of pain and suffering. Blood was drawn. Energy was sucked from his body. Bones were broke and healed and re-broke. His heart was taken. Skin turned into porcelain that was almost impossible to break. He was as fast as a cheetah. He had powers, too many to list. After his body laid there lifeless for a day, he awoke. Bonnie sacrificed her blood for him, for that was what he would feed off of. Human blood. Animal blood. Blood in general. 

   As he drained the bucket of blood, he could feel the strength flood back into him. He gained muscle, knowledge. Everything within minutes. As he rested and gained all of his energy back, he plotted his plan. He would find six males and six females to turn into vampires, as he called himself. He left to seek out the perfect twelve but once the sun beams touched his skin, it started to melt him. Screaming and burning, he fell back inside. All of his weaknesses, he had to figure out on his own, for he was the only vampire to live. The first vampire. At night, he went to bars and found the most attractive, persuasive men and women. 

 Biting into their necks, he let out a venom that Bonnie told him he would have the advantage of. Their blood froze while the fire burned throughout their bodies. They bones cracked. Their bodies went limp. They thirst for blood. Thirst for sex. All of their emotions flew sky high. And that is what he wanted. 

  He finally eliminated all thoughts of his new components. Smiles on all of their faces. Their eyes red with hunger. He turned around and gestured to the three extra bodies he executed for their feed. They all scrambled and towered over the bodies. Pieces of the corpse were thrown into the air. It looked like a blood bath. When they finished their first meal, their eyes turned a golden brown. They settled down and turned to their creator. 

  "You all will work for me now. You will become stronger. You will learn the ways of the world. Learn how to be not as messy when you eat. You will do as I say. And I say that you will watch be assigned to bring me one person of the opposite sex. We will turn them into one of us. They will do the same. Our goal is one hundred. We then will invade my brothers army and capture one of his creations and make our own. Understood?" He asked. All nodding, he decided to start with war techniques and self-defense. 

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