Her back arched and her bones cracked. Her eyes went black. A piercing, deafening shriek lurched out of her throat. The windows shook. Her teeth became razor-sharp. Her body went limp. The others huddled closer to examine the new creature they had manufactured. A smile creeped onto her face. Her eyes flashed open. A low growl rose in her throat and slowly escaped. Her eyes were hungry for blood. On all faces were charmed grins. They laughed and whooped at the new member of the crowd. The new, most strong, most powerful member of Monstrous.


3. 30 Years Later

    After thirty years, Claudius gained an abundant three hundred newborns. He had formed a serious, lust filled relationship with one, Belle. She had brown, wavy hair. She never had on the same clothes. Her lips were always a bright red and her eyes were always crimson. Belle never gained enough blood to fill her appetite. She craved humans like a fat baby craves cake. She never got enough. She was strong, powerful. She could persuade any man into her home. She was a a favorite tool that Claudius loved to use. 

   One day, one of his largest men brought him a young girl. She was about fifteen. Blood was gushing from her nose. She had a deep gash in the side of her head which bobbed back and forth. Before she went unconscious, a healer was ordered to give her blood. Cutting the wrist of Angel (The Healer), they dripped the blood into the girls mouth. Almost instantly, her wounds closed up and the blood stopped. Her eyes fluttered open and she went into immediate shock. Claudius, being able to control emotion, calmed her down. 

   "What is your name?" He asked her. Gulping, she looked around at her surroundings. A look of confusion crossed her face. 

   "I-I don't remember." She said. But, he knew that she was lying. He went to seek through her head for the name, but it was blank. She stared at him with challenge in her eyes. Again, he tried to look but it was still blank. This has never happened. 

    "I know you are lying." 

    "I know what you are." He lifted his head and let our a roaring laugh. In less that a second, Claudius was in her face with a knife to her throat. She didn't flinch. She didn't shake. She kept a straight face and looked him in the eyes. Do it. A silk like voice said in his head. He looked around and found his messengers who could send him messages through mind. 

    What is it?  Who is she?  Do you need anything? They all said. He shook his head and looked back at her. Slowly her lips parted and pearly white teeth shined through at him. 

    "You heard me, did you not?" He took hold of her arm and drug her along with him as he raced to his domain.  

   "What are you." Claudius commanded, now that they were in his "office" which he had made to where the other vampires could not hear through. "What are you!" He shouted at her. But, she didn't flinch. She giggled a little bit as she knew that she was making him weary. 

  "I am." She said. 

  "Yes? Yes, you are what?" He asked. A hiss escaped between her clasped teeth. She leaped forward and right before hitting into him, she stopped herself. She laughed at the afraid expression on Claudius' face as he thought that she would run into him.  Her head fell back as her laughter roared through the four walls. Slowly, she looked back at him. Her eyes turned a purple-blue. 

  "I am crazy." She said. Claudius could feel the anger rise inside of him, for that was the exact same words that had come out of his brothers mouth when he told him what he was. "Yes. I am one of your brothers but I escaped. You see, he is weak. He is old and fragile. He isn't immortal. His doesn't age nearly as fast as a regular human does." She smiled as Claudius inhaled the secret. She stepped back and sat against his desk. "Two years ago, a witch was adopted into my family. She is the one whom helped me get away. She gave me strength, which Asparatus' army does not have. She gave me knowledge. The power to see into the future. To run as fast as any other animal on earth." She sighed. "Practically everything that you have." She said. "But my most favorite."

She stood up and Claudius took a step back. She looked up and closed her eyes. A light cast upon her as she lifted into the air. Her eyes went black and then a flash of light, a roar of thunder. As she land back on her feet, she was a different person. She had beautiful blonde hair. It was curled and thick. Her lips were painted a bright red and her eyes were a crystal blue, like a wild stallion. Her skin was kissed by the sun and her body curved. Replacing her old t-shirt was a sunset pink corset, along with cut off blue jean shorts and boots. Her belly-button was pierced, so was her nose and her ears. The girls teeth where white as snow. A shocking beauty. She was mistakingly gorgeous. And something about her made Claudius want to swim in her eyes. Kiss her lushes lips. Take her into his arms and hold her. But he resisted the temptingness. 

  "Shapeshifting. And how long does it last?" He asked, acting to not be pleased or astonished. Shrugging, she placed a hand on his shoulder and walked around him. 

  "That sir, is for me to know and you to find out. I have a sister you know? She is much like me, but she only can shape shift. Use to be my twin but Rosalie, your brothers daughter, turned us into this which, actually, I quite like." She smiled and flashed her white teeth at him. A smile tugged at the corner of his lips but again, he resisted. 

   His foot tried to pull forward and he tried to resist but he couldn't. The urge to touch her skin was too strong. He walked closer and rested his hand on her exposed skin at her waist. She looked down at his hand and back up at his eyes. Trying to pull back, trying to turn away, Claudius became frustrated. 

  "I might can also control your actions. I am actually pretty powerful." He let out a little, nervous laugh and finally he was free to pull back. Rubbing his wrist, he looked back up at her face.

   "Who are you?" She tilted her head to the side. 

    "My name is Alice Moony." As she said her name, something in Claudius' mind went off. That name sounded so familiar. He knew it but didn't know from where. "And if you are wanting to know how you know my name, you held me as a child. You rocked me and changed me. You told my mother that you felt a weird connection between us two and she kicked you out for being a perve." He thought back and back and back until he finally spotted the memory. 

   "Alice. The daughter of Francesca." He said. 

  "Ding Ding!" She sang, and strutted out of the room.






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