Falling for You

Eliza Hood is Calum's twin sister. What happens when Eliza and Luke, Calum's best friend, start to like each other. Will Calum approve or will he get mad and try to tear them apart.


10. Chapter 9

Eliza's P.O.V.

Luke and I were sitting on the couch apart from each other while my mom continued to stare at us.

Finally she said "Luke, nice to see you again, but I think it would be best of you would leave now."

"Yes Mrs. Hood." He said to my mom and then turned to me and said "Goodbye, Eliza." Then he left.

Once I heard the door shut and his car leave I looked at my mom confused.

Finally I spoke up and said, "why are you here? You haven't been home in 2 months and you think you can show up unannounced and throw my boyfriend out? That isn't okay! Yes I know you are my mother and you technically own this house but me and cal have been doing just fine without you!"

"Well nice to see you too, oh loving daughter of mine." She said in an annoyed tone. "If you want me out of your life so bad then why don't you just move out, because I am back and I will be for a while."

"Then maybe I will."

"And where might you stay."

"At Luke's!" I would've said Aspens but she lives with her mom and Luke lives in his own apartment.

I ran upstairs and packed all of my stuff into a suitcase and a couple of backpacks and texted Luke telling him to pick me up ASAP.

Then I wrote a letter to Calum explaining the situation and where I would be staying and I sat it on his bed. I took my stuff downstairs and outside as Luke drove up and I put my stuff in his car and I explained what happened as we drove to his apartment.

"Well you can stay with me as long as you want princess."

"Thanks Lukey but I'm anything but a princess."

"But you are a princess to me and that is all that matters." He said and kissed my cheek lightly. We brought my stuff in and I grabbed my suitcase to find some pjs. I grabbed a tshirt and shorts and changed right there, I figured Luke wouldn't mind. Which he didn't considering he stared at me the entire time.

"Like what you see babe." I giggled.

"Mmhhmm." He muttered pulling me in and kissing me passionately. We pulled away and we got in bed falling asleep comfortably in each others arms.

A/n: I am so sorry for the really late and sucky chapter. I have had a rough last few months and just didn't feel like writing. I won't promise to write in a set period of time because I know that I probably won't but I will promise to write as soon as I can. I hope you like this chapter even though it kinda, sorta, really sucks ass.

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