Falling for You

Eliza Hood is Calum's twin sister. What happens when Eliza and Luke, Calum's best friend, start to like each other. Will Calum approve or will he get mad and try to tear them apart.


8. Chapter 7

A/n: I have chose the winner for Calum's girlfriend, so there is a possibility she will appear in this chapter. *wink* *wink*

Eliza's P.O.V.

After we went home Luke didn't leave my side once. Well ok maybe when he had to use the bathroom but that was it. Calum came up to me at about noon and told me that he was leaving and would be back at around 3.

Me and Luke decided to watch a movie. I chose the Titanic, because I know he hasn't seen it before, and I put it in. We didn't even watch the movie, we just made out the entire time. After it was over Luke turned and looked at me and said "I love you so much, Eliza."

"I love you too, Luke." I said and he kissed me and deepened it very quickly pulling me to sit on his lap. We were making out like that when I heard the door open and Calum walks in with a pretty girl with blond hair and blue eyes.

"Woah there you too. You better slow this down or there may be another little one of you running around here. Or maybe even two, twins run in the family you know." Calum said giggling.

"Haha very funny. So who's your friend?" I asked.

"Oh yeah. Guys this is Zoe, my girlfriend."

"Nice to meet you Zoe. I'm Calum's twin sister Eliza." I said to her. "Oh and this is Cal's best friend Luke, who I sometimes, when I feel like it, call my boyfriend." I say jokingly more towards Luke.

"Alright that's it." Luke said playfully throwing me over him shoulder and running upstairs while saying "it was nice meeting you Zoe."

"Nice to meet you too." She said very friendly yelling up the stairs toward us.

Luke takes me to my bedroom throwing me onto my bed and then jumping onto the space next to me. He put his arm around me and said "we should have the guys over. I heard that Michael also has a new girlfriend."

"Ok I'll tell Cal."

Calum's P.O.V.

After Luke and Eliza went upstairs I took Zoe into my room and she looked around at my guitars and asked me if I played.

"Yup I do. I'm also in a band."

"That's awesome. What band?"

"5 Seconds of Summer."

"Really? That's awesome didn't you guys your with One Direction."

"Um yeah actually we just got back not to long ago."

Then Eliza came in and told us that Mikey, Ash and Aspen were gonna come over and then she left.

Eliza's P.O.V.

We were in the living room when everyone got there and Michael introduced us to Alyssa. She had Ariel red hair and bright green eyes, she was very pretty.

I stood up and said "Nice to meet you. I am Eliza and this is Luke." I pointed at Luke and he waved to Alyssa.

"So let's go swimming." Cal said.

"I don't have a suit." Zoe said.

"Neither do I." Alyssa added.

"Well you could borrow one of mine. I don't mind." I replied.

"Ok." They said together and we went to my room and changed.

We got to the pool and we swam until around seven when everyone went home and it was just me and Luke because Calum had to take Zoe home.

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