Falling for You

Eliza Hood is Calum's twin sister. What happens when Eliza and Luke, Calum's best friend, start to like each other. Will Calum approve or will he get mad and try to tear them apart.


3. Chapter 3

Eliza's P.O.V.

After Calum flipped out on Luke and I for making out he ran downstairs and I heard the front door close. He must've gone for a walk, he normally does that when he is really angry.

After the kiss I felt guilty when I looked at Luke. Not guilty that I kissed him, but guilty because I feel like I have betrayed my brother.

I turned to Luke and was going to say something when he spoke nervously,"I am sorry I- I shouldn't have kissed you... I just really wanted to."

"Don't feel sorry... I wanted to, too." I said biting my lip out of habit.

He gave me a small kiss and said,"That is to keep me from doing that while we look for Calum." He pulled me off the bed, dragging me outside to search for Cal.

It didn't take us long to find him. He always walks on the same path each time he walks out angry.

Luke started to walk towards him, but I stopped him.

"Let me talk to him. He is my brother after all." I said walking towards Cal.

"I'm sorry," Cal says.

"What?" I say surprised at him apologizing.

"I shouldn't have flipped out on you for kissing Luke. I was more mad over the fact that neither of you told me that you liked the other."

"I'm sorry Cal. It just happened so suddenly."

"It's okay Liza. I realize that now, but it was just too much to handle in that moment and I took it out on the both of you." He walked over to me and we hugged it out.

We walked back home and no one was in the living room. We (and by we I mean Calum) must've woken them up. I went to find Aspen, and tell her what just happened so she wasn't clueless if it ever came up (this is best friend policy between us.) The thing is I didn't have to find her, she found me. Well actually she ran straight into me actually.

"Hey I was just looking for you." We said at the same time.

"I have something to tell you." We said together again.

We went up to my room and closed the door. And she said,"Okay me first....I KISSED ASHTON!!!"

Then I said surprised and kind of excited, "OMG!?! Really?! Well I KISSED LUKE!!!!"

We kinda sat there and squealed excitedly for a while before calming down and going back downstairs.

Even though it was only like 3:30 in the morning Cal and Michael were making eggs and bacon, so I ate the food and Luke and I went to my room. We laid down on my bed, he wrapped his arms around me, and I fell asleep feeling safe in Luke's warm embrace.

A/n: I have decided since I do absolutely nothing after school that I would post new updates at least twice a week if you guys think it is good. I also need a girlfriend for Calum and Michael so if you are interested comment your name and either Michael or Calum. Thanks.

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