Smart Blondes Don't Fail

Bruce Wayne went missing six months ago. The Bat Family is doing their best to find him. The League of Assassins give them an encrypted code: The key to finding Bruce. One problem with that: It's too encrypted for them to hack.
Tim Drake realizes that there's one person who can help them, but he's not sure if she'll be up to the challenge. Will she help the Bat Family find Bruce? Or will she turn them down over an event in the past?


1. Help Needed

-Red Robin- 

"What in the world does that mean!?" I heard Jason yell from the Batcave. I rolled my eyes and continued eating my bacon. Then I heard Steph's voice. 

"It means that this code is too encrypted for us to hack!" She said. 


"I KNOW THAT! STOP YELLING IN MY EAR!" Steph shouted back. I sighed. Bruce went missing six months ago without a trace, and since then, those two have been going at it. Yelling, screaming, I haven't had a clear head in 6 months! 

Then, something clicked in my brain. 

Very encrypted codes. 

An old friend. 

My plan would be able to work perfectly. Except for one question:

Would she come back for the sake of Bruce? Even after what happened?

I got up, shoved the rest of my bacon into my mouth, then walked to the living room, where Damian sat on the couch, staring at the news. 

I was pretty sure he wanted a sign. I was also sure that the poor kid was in a massive state of shock. 

Jason's not coping well with it either, as you've probably already guessed.

While chewing my bacon, I thought about my plan, and how stupid it sounded. 

I still wasn't sure if she was up for the challenge. 

No, my plan did not involve Barb, or Cass. It involved a much closer friend of mine: Emma Windwood. 

She used to be the Nightbat, a superhero that fought beside us (Batman, Batgirl, Batwoman, Nightwing, Black Bat, Red Hood, me (Red Robin), and Robin). She trained with us, fought with us, cried with us, laughed with us. She was part of our family. Though, we weren't the only thing she loved. 

Emma loved to run. It was one of the many things she was good at. She did Track and XC in middle and high school; She was the best on the team. Emma also loved to kick-butt. Man, was she good at it. 

That was, of course, until she got shot in the foot and couldn't run for almost 3 years. It broke her heart. The doctors thought she would never be able to run again. 

She still can though. She just hasn't for...about 4 years, so she may be a bit rusty. Steph may not have been Batgirl when Nightbat fought with us, but she can't stop hearing about her. Emma was a legend. 

 I decided that I needed to give it a shot, and discuss my plan with Jason and Steph. I walked down to the Batcave. 

"Hey guys!" I called. 

"What Tim?" Steph called back. 

"I-I have an idea that might help us." I said. Jason snorted. 

"What is it? To find the League of Assassins and persuade them to give us the code?" He asked. 

"No. I think we should talk to Emma and see if she'll help." Jason looked at me with wide eyes. 

"That's the most craziest thing I've ever heard of." He said. I shrugged. 

"It's our only shot at cracking the encrypted code." I said. 

"Alright, go." Jason said. I nodded and ran back up the stairs and grabbed my phone. It was time to make a phone call.  

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