Tiny Feet

- enjoy these lyrics people!
The topic is love, simple, uncomplicated, pure love. I'm pretty sure that everyone can relate to the lyrics in some way, whether it's romantic love, love for friends, families or even pets.
100% my own concoction of words.


1. Tiny Feet - Title Track

These tiny feet

Once tiny steps

Are taking me places and to people I've never met

Once pictures in a magazine

Depicting the world as another girl's dreams

Words stuck to a page

In a language only to be shared on the stage


Now my shaky breath

Is coming from strong lungs

Every word I'm saying I'm telling you things that will make me come undone

But miraculously I stay together


Marching on my tiny feet

These tiny steps

On a path I am unfamiliar with

Yet eager to forge ahead


The world is a dark and twisted place

And with tiny feet

Tiny steps

It feels as though you're walking for nothing

Unable to get

Where you think you deserve to be

That's how it felt to me


But with my hand in yours

Rucksack on my back

Our feet kicking up dust

On this simple dirt track


It's clear to me

My tiny feet

Were made to do

Just this


And if I ever falter

I'll be up right away

Because my tiny feet

Have been resilient

Since their very first day

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