Flipped Upside Down---A Five Seconds Of Summer FanFic---

Ali Irwin, sister of Ashton Irwin, the High School rock god. She's forced to spend months in the same house with FOUR boys! Rebellious teenagers, NO adult supervision...What could POSSIBLY go wrong?! Well, A LOT, obviously...


3. Chapter 3

        It was loud and crowded, people moving to let the guys and I through. My brother has his first real gig today. They've jammed at school and things like that, but that's not so big. They've mostly blared in my basement. And in my bathroom, from my CD player, while I'm in the shower. How the CD got in my possession is still a mystery to me. Much like the mystery of how the band even functions straight, given its members. My brother Ashton, his best friend Luke, their friend Michael, and the nerdiest of the group, Calum.

        I'm not sure why Luke seems to not like Calum all that much. I guess for the same reason he hates me. Well, there are a lot of reasons why he hates me, some of them unknown. But mostly because we kill his cool, bad boy image with our uncoolness. Okay, whatever. But Calum plays guitar, and what's hotter than that? I'm personally more into drummers, but Guitar players are capital H hot. Except that, Luke plays the guitar, too. So...yeah... But  Michael plays, too. And just, yeah...

        "Why am I here, again?" I shout to my brother over the blaring music and screams.

        "For moral support," he shrugs.

        "Yeah, don't you want to support your boyfriend, Ali?" Luke smirks.

        I give him a glare, seething through my teeth. Deep breath, reply calmly "He's not here."

        "Oh, right. Because little Ali doesn't have a boyfriend!"

        I roll my eyes, moving to go around Ashton, to get away from being in front of Luke, when someone bumps into me, knocking me over. I'm caught and pulled to Luke's side. I cling back, the fear from the almost fall still coursing through my veins. I look up at him, at him looking down at me. He quickly looks away, giving me just the smalest glimpse of what I think might have been him blushing. What? He adjusts his arm around me, giving me a shy smile. I move to stare straight ahead.

        We stop at the base of a stage, awaiting being announced. "Five Seconds of Summer are here---" That's all that can be heard, before screaming sounds, an obviously dominating female population. The formal man on the stage holding the mic rolls his eyes, motioning the boys to the stage. I go to slip away from Luke, but he grabs me, bringing me up with them. I give him a confused, annoyed look.

        Stay he mouths, even furthering my confusion.

        "And who's your special guest?" the man asks, mic pointed away from us.

        "My sister Ali,"  Ashton tells him, but leans in, so the mic picks up his words, echoing them toward the crowd.  

        "Your sister?" The man arches his brow at him, then at me. He turns to Luke, "You're dating your mate's sister?"

        Luke coughs, caught off guard. "What?"

        "Oh, come on! There's quite obviously some chemistry here---"

        "And your outfits!" Someone screams, from the audience, I think.

        "Yes, they match! It's so adorable!" someone else screams, then a whole bunch of things are being screamed all at one, what I can only assume are compliments on my 'adorable' 'relationship'. Please, do not make me gag, people!

        I couldn't take it. Blushing, I slip from Luke's arms, which I just realized I hadn't moved from yet, which totally did not help our situation, and I rush down the stage steps. I stand front and center at the base and watch them up there. Many questions later, which thankfully, mostly didn't consist Luke and I being together at all, and only slightly repeated a few dozen times, and finally, they are asked to start singing. I like the thought of them getting attention. Fans like getting a feel of the singers, to connect to them better on a more personal level. So, when it comes to their music, you can just get it.

        When it comes to their songs, I know most of them, and sing along to those I do. I only  get caught by the boys a few times, rolling my eyes at their smug smiles at having me know their songs by heart. They play eight songs, the last one new to me. I listen to the lyrics intensly, but can't help moving to the beat. And smiling to myself. I might kick myself for acting like a fan girl, but overall, I really did have fun. And no matter how high the boys' ego's will be inflated, I know, without a doubt, that I'll be back sometime, enjoying myself jusst as much. Most likely more, even. 

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