Flipped Upside Down---A Five Seconds Of Summer FanFic---

Ali Irwin, sister of Ashton Irwin, the High School rock god. She's forced to spend months in the same house with FOUR boys! Rebellious teenagers, NO adult supervision...What could POSSIBLY go wrong?! Well, A LOT, obviously...


2. Chapter 2

        I go straight up to my room, hang my dress back up in the closet, and decide to take another shower, to wash off my make-up and stuff. I leave my sleep clothes on my bed and just take my under clothes with me. I get out and dry myself off with the towel, dressing in my bra and underwear. I step into my room to find none other than Luke sprawled out on my bed. He glances at me, recovering his shock fast with a smirk. I pull the towel tighter around myself, covering up my bare skin the best I could. "Could you hand me that pile of clothes right beside you? Pretty please?"

       He thinks for a moment, "Nope."

       "Why? Cause you wanna' see me naked?"

       "No! Just don't feel like doin' you any favors."

       "You'd be doin' yourself a favor, unless, of course, you're secretly enjoying yourself right now---"

       He throws me the pile. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get your point, Misses Know it all."

       "Actually, it's Miss, and thank you." I slip my pants on under the towel, then let it drop, not really caring anymore if he sees me in my bra, considering he already had, moments ago. But I forgot about one thing.

       "Whoa, hold it! Is that a tattoo?"


        He smirks, sparkle in his blue eyes at my reaction. "Take it brother dearest doesn't know?"

       "Nope, parents don't, either. You gonna tell?"

        "I'm not that despicable, Ali."

       "But you are despicable. What are even doing in here, anyway?"

       He shrugs, "Just chillin'"

       "Well, can't you chill elsewhere?"

        "Nope. I'm actually pretty beat." He rolls over, curling up in the center of my bed. "Goodnight."

       I roll my eyes, moving to the opposite side, hitting him with a pillow. "At least scoot over."

        "Really?" He gives me a look.

       I shrug, "Sure, whatever. Just stay on your side."


       I drift awake, unmoving because I'm so comfortable. My head is on someone's chest, their arms around me. We both shift from waking, but neither of us move. I hear a small noise and see twitching light. I open my eyes and see Ashton and his friend Michael standing over my bed, phones out, wearing smirks.

       "Morning, Love Birds."

       I look over, shrugging. "Morning, Lucas," I sigh, laying my head back down on his chest.

       "Morning," he grumbles back, settling his head against mine.

        "Oh. My. God. What did you two do last night?"

       "Shut up, Ashton. We slept, like we're trying to do right now. I'm comfortable, and frankly, too tired to care about Luke. Now leave."

        "Nope, Luke needs to get up. You, too. We've got a gig this afternoon, remember, buddy? And I was hoping you'd come, Lish."

       "Five more minutes?" Luke and I grumble at the same time.

       Ash sighs, "Fine, yes. But that's it, and I mean it. I'll be back in five minutes to drag your asses out of that bed."


       I actually drifted back to sleep, waking to an empty bed. I'd assume it was a dream, well, nightmare, if not for the Luke-ish smell on my sheet and pillows, and on myself, too. Gross, I scrunch my nose. With a sigh, I roll to my feet, shuffling over to the closet. I get clothes, them make my way to the bathroom. I change into black skinny jeans, black Green Day tank top, and black and red button up shirt, left open. I do make up, real stuff, not just light, natural make-up. I turn to leave the bathroom when something catches my eye. Something I've saved for such an occasion as this. 

       My parents are gone. I have no one to impress but myself. Today, I feel the need for a change. A purple hair dying change. I brush out my waves, fading the purple to pink at the ends. I take a look in my full body mirror, satisfied, shove into my black high heeled ankle boots, and meeting the boys in the living room.

       "Finally," they all seem to say.

       "Awe, look," Michael smirks, "Ali and Lukey match!"

       I look, confirming that we are both wearing black and red. "I need to change." I turn to run back up the stairs.

       Ashton grabs my arm, "No time. You both look great, now let's go."

       I sigh, nodding and following he group out to their van. I sit in the back between Micheal and Luke, Ashton driving and Calum in the passenger seat. I sit in the middle, leaning against Michael. He holds my hand reassuringly in his own, unaware of how crazy that drives me inside. He's always effected me like this. Anything I need, turn around, and he's there. You fall, he'll pick you up.

        I smile back at him. A small, nervous on, but I try..

       Oh, how to describe my life...

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