Beautiful Connections. (SEASON 1)

So..Whats happening when Poppy Meadows a shy girl with no confidence type of girl transforms into something completely opposite.Who or what changes her for the better?
Do you really wanna know?
If you do I suggest you keep reading...


9. Chapter 9:

Poppy's P.O.V

Poppy:Uhh,*Coughs* Mmmhh uhh ooh

So my eyes were opening slowly and I felt really weak and I was laying down..I didnt understand..The last thing I remembered I was at the Janoskians meet and greet..I was probably just dreaming..So I was in this really strange place,I was on a black couch..I was so confused..So I sat up and I seen posters of the Janoskians everywhere..I was fully convinced this was a dream..Then suddenly I heard voices saying "THANK YOU DUBLIN!"

It couldnt be? Is it? NO!? I'm dreaming..I sat back on the couch and then heard Australian accents..I thought to myself this is definatley a dream..

I put my head in my hands..And then I looked up and I saw Luke Brooks standing infront of me! I could not believe my fucking eyes.

Luke:Hey you,Are you okay?

Jai:Hey beautiful,Are you okay?

Poppy:Wait..Where am I ?

Beau:Your with the Janoskians.


Poppy:Jai? ,Luke? ,Beau? ,Daniel? ,James? am I dreaming?

Daniel:Well, we are pretty much alive..So its not a dream sweetheart..

James:How are you feeling?

Poppy:I..I'm fine I guess..

Jai:Come here!

I stood up and Jai hugged me..I felt so warm and comfortable in his arms!

Luke:Are you sure you okay?

Poppy:Yeah Im fine I just cant believe my eyes right now! 

Beau:Well,You better believe it chick!

Poppy:Well,Thanks I uhh better be off them well uh I'll uh bye!

Jai:Hey Wait!

Poppy:Uhmm yeah? *mumbles*

Jai:Your staying with us for the day 

Poppy:Oh no I couldnt there is so many fans waiting for meet and greet and concerts..

Luke:We're finished we still have a few hours til we go to the hotel.

Jai:Your staying with us incase something else happens you!

Poppy:I think I'm gonna cry!

Daniel:Aw dont cry!

So I didnt really understand what was happening now but I was going along with it..

James:Do you need to call anyone?

Poppy:Uhmm yeah my brother charlie?

Jai:How old is he?


Jai:How old are you?


Jai:Wait..2 people cant be born in the same year unless...

Poppy:Yeah I have a twin brother.

Luke:Aww thats cute,I have a twin sister

Jai:Luke..Not infront of the girl!

Poppy: *giggles* its okay,I get alot of hassle from my brother.

Beau:Yeah they never stop fighting,Right boys?

Luke:We havent fought in like 12 years beau..

James:So are you from Dublin Poppy?

Poppy:No I'm from Laois.

Daniel:Where's that?

Jai:Its a small county 2 hours from here,Poppy are you going back home or are you staying in a hotel?

Poppy:Im supposed to be going home..

Jai:Give me your phone Pops

Poppy:You called me pops..My family calls me that!

Jai:Well I call you that to because your cute

Poppy: *blushes* Here's my phone

Luke:Aww Jai she blushed

Jai: Shut up Luke!,Whats you surname Pops?


Jai:Hello,Is this Mrs Meadows?

Mrs Meadows/Mam:Yes it is,Who's asking?

Jai:This is Jai brooks miss..

Mam:Wait..Jai? Jai brooks? from the Janoskians?

Jai:Yes Ma'am

Mam:Sorry to ask but where is poppy..My daughter

Jai:Miss meadows I assure you she is safe..she collapsed when coming to see us she is fine now she is well awake and is fine!

Mam:Thank god! Can I talk to her..Jai thank you so much! You mean the world to her.

Jai: I know that,I find it cute and no problem,Pops she wants you


Mam:Poppy are you ok?

Poppy:Im fine

Mam:How are you going to get home..

Poppy:I dont know

Jai:Pops tell your mam we can pay for a hotel room for you!

Poppy:Jai said they'll pay for a hotel room for me..

Mam:If its to keep you safe..I'd rather you stay in the same room and them.

Poppy:Uhmm mam..

Mam:Tell them!

Poppy:She said she wants me to be safe and wants me to stay in the same room with you guys..

Jai/Luke:GREAT! as long as your safe!

Mam:Good I'll see you tomorrow!

Poppy:Mkay bye then...

Beau:Lets go get some food!


Poppy:I know a great place!

Jai:Lead the way beautfiul!

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