Beautiful Connections. (SEASON 1)

So..Whats happening when Poppy Meadows a shy girl with no confidence type of girl transforms into something completely opposite.Who or what changes her for the better?
Do you really wanna know?
If you do I suggest you keep reading...


8. Chapter 8:

Poppy's P.O.V                                                              25th Aug 14

Ohh my god! I was so fucking excited about this day because it was the day I got to meet my inspirations..The one's that keep me breathing and the ones that I smile my mouth off everyday at!

I was getting showered and I was singing best friends,I was doing my hair I was singing the freakin song,I was doing my makeup and I was singing real girls eat cake,I was getting dressed and I was singing thats what she said and I was eating breakfast and I was singing set this world on fire...Words could not come anywhere near explaining how excited I was!

Charlie was giving out as usual..I laughed at him because I was meeting my Idols today and I knew I had better things to be thinking of..Although he did wish me luck so I'll give him that.

Poppy:Well I'm off now!

Mam:Goodluck baby

Jake:Seeya later,Take loads of pictures

I looked at Charlie

Charlie:Good luck sis.

Poppy:Thanks bro!

I gave him a huge hug and then grabbed all my stuff and headed out the door..I was going on my own..But I didn't care!

So I was on the bus and I fell asleep..I had a dream that I fell asleep and never woke up and I missed the meet and greet!

I immedietly woke up when I heard the breaks on the coach!

I jumped up and looked out and we were just across from where the meet and greet was!

I got off the bus and there was hundreds of fans outside,I walked up and then I heard everyone screaming..I turned around and There they were,Getting out of their tour bus.

My eyes started to water up and the my heart started pounding..We could barely see them because there was loads of fans.

So they got in safely and all the fans were in line waiting to meet our one and only inspirations and probably the funniest people on planet earth..My phone starts ringing


Charlie:Hey how is it?

Poppy:I'm still in line.

Charlie:Did you see them?

Poppy:Barely there is loads of people here!

Charlie:The backround sounds crazy!

Poppy:If only you were here c...


Poppy:I'm next charlie..I cant..oh my god Charlie I..

Charlie:Pops calm got this!

Poppy:Ok..I got this!

Charlie:Seeya soon sis! Goodluck!

Poppy:Ok you too Love you charlie!

Charlie:Love you to sis!

So I was next I seen the security lad waving his hand at me..I walked toward him I was walking in and there was a big screen thing and right behind it was my one true loves!

I walked slowly around the corner of the screen and they looked at me instantly..That was it..I was gone! My breathing increased heavily and my heart rate got countless times faster..Ronnie diamond was walking toward me..I felt dizzy...Next thing my whole body started shaking and my whole body was just falling as I seen Jai and Luke running toward me and I could see them trying to wake me up..Thats all I could remember..


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