Beautiful Connections. (SEASON 1)

So..Whats happening when Poppy Meadows a shy girl with no confidence type of girl transforms into something completely opposite.Who or what changes her for the better?
Do you really wanna know?
If you do I suggest you keep reading...


6. Chapter 6:

Poppy's P.O.V

So yeah,I've been listening to the Janoksians alot lately (THEM^^^).They have just the perfect little Aussie group! I just love them to the moon and back.So it was the 12th of november and this was the day that made my smile get bigger and bigger as I waited for 25th of August to come around..So basically I was waiting for updates on what the boys were up to..I logged on to youtube and a notification saying that they had a new video up.So I clicked on it and the title was "OUR BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!" So I was pretty curious,but excited to see what this "Announcement" was..So they were talking and BAM! It hit me..straight the the fucking face. They announced their thats what she said tour! I could not breath for about 10 minutes..So they said the tickets were available at ticketmaster...So I typed in ticketmaster quicker than you can say Janoskianator,I checked the events and there it was! Everything was just so beautiful about it! The date,the time,the place Ohh it just gave me the shivers!

I had one huge problem..I hadn't got a credit card..It killed me and then I thought "DAD!" 


Dad:Yeah pops?

Poppy:How much have you on your card?

Dad:200 euro why pops?

Poppy:Do you need 80 of it?

Dad:I have to get change for 70

Poppy:I'll give you 80 cash for 80 on your card.

Dad:Ok sweetie.

I was so happy that I was able to get the tickets! So I quickly entered the card details and then ordered the tickets,3 days later my set of heaven arrived..25th of August and I was set to go to a Janoksians meet and greet.

So I have VIP meet and greet tickets..I just have to order dirty pig stuff!!

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