Beautiful Connections. (SEASON 1)

So..Whats happening when Poppy Meadows a shy girl with no confidence type of girl transforms into something completely opposite.Who or what changes her for the better?
Do you really wanna know?
If you do I suggest you keep reading...


3. Chapter 3:

Trina's P.O.V

So,Charlie asked me a huge favour..I didnt think I could pull it off but I definatley tried.

I had many thoughts on what to do..I had to get her relaxed before I could actually talk to her..

So I headed over to her house and knocked on the door...

Poppy:Oh uhm trina I'll get Charlie now.

Trina:Actually Poppy I'm here to see you

Poppy:Me? For what?

Trina:I thought I'd come over for a sleepover..We haven't talked in a while.

Poppy:What's the catch?


Poppy:There is always a catch.

Trina:Well there isn't one now


Trina:Can I come in?

Poppy:Ohh uh yeah sure:)

Trina:So how are you?

Poppy:Im good I guess you?

Trina:Yeah Im good.

So me and Poppy hung out for a while in her room and I decided to do her a huge make-over

Trina:Can I give you a make-over?

Poppy:Uhh I dont know..

Trina:Aw come on you'll look great..I promise!

Poppy:Uhmm ok then..

She sounded unsure of what she wanted..So I did her makeup,Nails,Hair,Dressed her up and bam! She looked absolutley amazing!!

Trina:Sooo...what do you think...

Poppy:I..I love it Trina!

Trina:See I told you that you'd look amazing! Poppy is there something on your mind that is bothering you?

Poppy:I haven't trusted anyone in a while Trina..I don't think I'm ready to trust anyone yet..

Trina:Poppy..I'm your friend..You can tell me.

Poppy:I dont know

Trina:Tell me pops!

Poppy:I thought all of this would stop!

Trina:What would stop?

Poppy:I'm being bullied at school.

Trina:Pops! Why didnt you tell anyone?

Poppy:I thought it would stop..

Trina:Poppy,No matter if it was going to stop or should have told someone..Im so glad that I came over..Otherwise you would've told no one!

Poppy finally opened up and told me what was on her mind..Not only to find out that she was being bullied,But to find out it was the guys..You would think the girls would bully her..But the guys! They are dead when Charlie finds out!

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