Beautiful Connections. (SEASON 1)

So..Whats happening when Poppy Meadows a shy girl with no confidence type of girl transforms into something completely opposite.Who or what changes her for the better?
Do you really wanna know?
If you do I suggest you keep reading...


2. Chapter 2:

Charlie's P.O.V

So Poppy decided to act up again..Whatever..She seriously needs to get a social life..She's my sister and I feel bad for the fact that I can't help her..I try to but there is something there and I just can't seem t figure it out.She does absolutley nothing only study every chance she gets.

The only way I can actually get her to talk is my girlfriend trina..She'll have to say something to Trina.

They get on quite well so I asked Trina would she help her..

Charlie:Hey Pops wait up!

Poppy:Jake said we could get a ride to school with him..Wanna come?

Charlie:Yeah sure!


Poppy:We're coming hold onto your hair!

So Jake dropped us at school and Poppy went over to her friends..I walked over to Trina.

Charlie:Hey T

Trina:Hey sweetie!

Charlie:Could I ask you to do me a huge favour?

Trina:Yeah sure!

Charlie:Could you help Poppy?

Trina:How'd you mean?

Charlie:You know..There is something on her mind and I can't seem to get hold of it.

Trina:And you want me to talk to her?

Charlie:Pretty please?

Trina:What makes you think she'll talk to me about it?

Charlie:Your a girl..She's a girl..Maybe she needs a girl to talk to you know?

Trina:Ahh well if its to help her then I'll do it

Charlie:Thanks babe your the best!

Trina:I know!

So that was that dealt with Trina said she would have a talk with Poppy and see what was up


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