Beautiful Connections. (SEASON 1)

So..Whats happening when Poppy Meadows a shy girl with no confidence type of girl transforms into something completely opposite.Who or what changes her for the better?
Do you really wanna know?
If you do I suggest you keep reading...


17. Chapter 17:

James' P.O.V

Wow!..That was intense shit back there! So Jai and Poppy had an argument and Beau went after Poppy..Meanwhile Luke and I were trying to calm Jai down and Daniel was playing xbox..Stupid faggot

Jai:Luke what am I gonna do?

Luke:Beau will sort it for you!

James:Yeah there is nothing Beau can't fix...

Daniel:YESS I WON!!

Luke:Shut the fuck up..

Jai:Hhh well I'm just going to go sob my eyes out for the rest of my days..


Jai:Leave it luke..later yeah?

Luke:Yeah ok bro.

James:He's pretty shook up huh?

Luke:Yeah he is isn't he?

James:I'm fucking hungry gonna get some food!

So I left luke he wanted to go asleep and then daniel is fucking worried about winning shit on xbox while Jai sobs about Poppy and Beau is gone after Poppy to sort things out!

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