Beautiful Connections. (SEASON 1)

So..Whats happening when Poppy Meadows a shy girl with no confidence type of girl transforms into something completely opposite.Who or what changes her for the better?
Do you really wanna know?
If you do I suggest you keep reading...


12. Chapter 12:

Luke's P.O.V

So yeah...I don't know what to say..LOL!! 

Yeah so Poppy seems cool! We hung out with her for the day and we decided that we were definatley staying in contact with her!

So me and Jai and Poppy and Beau were talking in the room about loads of things like what Poppy wanted to do when she was finished school..She wanted to be a singer! Thats amazing..We tried to get her to sing but she wouldn't:( So we were talking...

Luke:Jai look...

Jai:*looks back* Aww!!

Beau:Aww thats so cute!

Poppy fell asleep on the floor..We didn't know how to get her into bed but we managed..Of course Mr.muscle Jai did it..I honestly think Jai is "into" here you know what I mean?

Beau:Just imagine Jai carrying her like that on their wedding night!

Luke:Aww Jai you little champ!

Jai:Shut up..She's not even interested in me!


Beau:Shh she's dreaming and sleep talking..I wanna hear what she's saying..

Poppy:*mumbles* I really like Jai but ...



Poppy:Myeah I just don'

Jai:Do not mention this in the morning..

Luke:Don't worry your secret is safe with us


Jai:Hey!  have the best idea!

Luke:What is it?

Jai:Considering Poppy wants to be a singer..We could ask her to come on the rest of the tour with us!

Beau:Yeah I brought who I wanted and so did luke james and daniel but you didnt bring anyone Jai.

Jai:I'll ask her tomorrow

Luke:Night guys!

Beau:Tomorrow is another day

Luke:Cant wait!

Jai:SHUT UP..Im trying to sleep!

Luke:Ok keep your undies on!

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