The Kings Errand

I never wanted to be a Vampire; I never wanted to be a Killer and I'm as sure as Hell that I didn't want our world to fall. My King is ruling the world you live in, and you have no idea on what's ruling you at this very moment. We play our own game while you play your silly little games. We play a game of Chess, far less civilized than yours.


2. Chapter Two

Fredrich was waiting for me at the doorway to the King's chamber. I had just left the room, when the spoil had been placed in a somewhat allocated hole a piece moved.

We had the upper hand, we were the white pieces. We had the advantage. We'd made our first move now, it was only a matter of time before the mortals, made their own move. But Fredrich wasn't going to tell anyone. My liege ensured that I kept him on a tight leash. And that leash wasn't going to be loosened any time soon. "So," Fredrich drawled, walking alongside me as I prowled the halls, undoing the cloak that hung tight around my neck. "how are you feeling? Proud? Happy? Scared?"

"That's none of your business."

"It is."

"And how may that be?"

"Because we're partners, and we work together."

"Oh you wish, you only tag along for the fun of it. You do nothing, you don't do any work."

Fredrich grumbled under his breathe but I had heard him clearly. I narrowed my eyes like daggers which wiped the expression straight from his face as he coughed to recompose himself. "We'll see who wins this one when our lord calls us in for praise."

There he went again, vying for our lords praise craving it like a bird would the worms beneath the soil. He chuckled heartily at the prospect but I didn't share his humor. I grimaced in his direction and hoped for both our sakes his majesty wasn't watching.

We entered through a grand door taking us out through the servants quarters. We mustn't be seen too often through the main palace, otherwise suspicious would rise. I tried to speed down the corridor between the bustling servants but it wasn't working - Fredrich was still keeping a steady pace at my tail.

He called out after me, "So, what's our next move?"

I paused in my tracks. I'd  been so consumed with escaping his brain numbing presence, my mind had strayed from the main situation at hand. Our lord needed us more than ever to step up our game, and as his best players we had to plan what was next on the chess board of his kingdom.

I had no desire, however, to work it out with Fredrich of all people. I turned sharply on my heel and said, "Leave this one to me."

Fredrichs face fell. "Now, that's a little greedy I think. Our lord won't be please-."

"Would you be quiet for even a second about his majesty! He couldn't care less for your delicate life or soul, you are disposable. We are here to serve and serve only. Not to act like his personal fan club!" I yelled as I dragged him off into the shadows of the corridor, opening up a door leading to a large storage room. I didn't miss the fleeting look of fear that crossed his face. The small stumpy man seemed to shrivel up into himself as my eyes darkened in anger. "I will repeat only once more; I will move the next pawn and you will have nothing to do with it."

I could feel my fangs elongate over my lower lips, a droplet of my own blood rolled down my chin. As I tried to suppress the anger, I shoved him back into the mountain of storage. This time, he didn't try to counteract.


I was angry. I wanted to send him packing, packing to wherever he came from. But I couldn't. If my Lord thought he was able to keep up, it was true.

Many a time I had pleaded with my Lord if I could change Fredrich into one of our own. But of course, he denied it every time.

It made me want to punch something, but, of course, that would destroy so much and everything in this Palace is ancient. A small tear in a curtain would mean we would have to change every single curtain in the Palace.

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