Lights, Camera, and Look-Alikes?

Hi. My name is Amber and I work at the British Intelligence League. This is about the one day everything changed...


8. What's he doing here?

Amber's P.O.V.:

Once I explained the mission to the girls, (secret agents can't know about missions that belong to other agents) we were off.


Isabella's P.O.V.:

I felt like there was someone following us.

"Guys, lets go shopping!" I exclaimed, acting exited.

The other 2 quickly caught on to the secret meaning of the words.

We entered a clothing shop on a corner and hid behind a clothes rack.

Sure enough, someone followed us in.

It just happened to be Misyelle, the Russian spy!

He spotted us crouched behind the rack, and his hand drifted, almost casually, toward his belt.

I just happened to be quicker. I pulled out my pistol and quickly shot him in the stomach.

Lots of people called 9-1-1, but I knew that he would be dead by the time they got there, or by the time they got to the Hospital at the most.

"Come on! Unless you would like to call Red to come pick us up at the police station!" I said sarcastically.

We sprinted out of the store and down the street before anyone saw us there.

Once we stopped to catch our breath, we discussed our next tactic.

Now that Misyelle was out of the way, lots of agents could easily get their missions done. We did everyone in Brittan a huge favor.

As we were walking around to try to find a restaurant that was good, I spotted a Nandos. We decided to go there. We took our seats and ordered when several familiar aces walked in...


Hey! I found people to be Liam's and Harry's girlfriends. Sorry for the chapter about an hour later than usual! I swear, my teachers are plotting to kill the students with homework. I literally spent 2 hours on it! Please like, comment, and favorite!


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